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The AG Update: Ep. 68

Aug 1, 2020 10:30:00 AM

Alarm companies are taking a hit for their customer’s false alarms, the residential alarm industry slowdown, and some security monitoring sales tips...

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        1. Alarm Companies Fined for False Alarms
        2. The Residential Alarm Slowdown; Not Shutdown
        3. Security Monitoring Sales Tips


Alarm Companies Fined for False Alarms

While it is not unheard of for false alarms to result in a customer fine, one city has taken it a step further. In the town of Sandy Springs, Georgia, the customer and the alarm company are fined in the event of an emergency dispatch for a false alarm.

While that city ordinance is currently being fought in court, the initial challenge to the law in 2018 was rejected. Hopefully, these large penalties will be reduced going forward.

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The Residential Alarm Slowdown; Not Shutdown

COVID has slowed and even stopped many industries. While the security industry is starting to feel the effects of the pandemic, we are far from shutting down. While alarm company residential sales have started to slow down, especially those who rely on door to door, there has been no major spikes in the cancellation of services.

Next, since we are still in the process of ditching 3G, many homes and technologies have needed upgrades. Lastly, many want to feel safe during uncertain times, which is why DIY devices continue to boom in sales.

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Security Monitoring Sales Tips

While door-to-door sales have slowed down, don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to gain leads. Word of mouth is huge, so make sure you’re getting good reviews or offering referral benefits.

Police stations allow you to view crime reports, so you can see which areas are more at risk than others, allowing you to focus your effort in one specific area. Real estate agents, as well as the Builder Exchange, are also options allowing you to establish relationships with various groups that could generate more cold leads.

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