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Account Migration Process

Changing monitoring providers can be stressful. Our team of migration experts makes the job easier.

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How Do I Migrate My Accounts To Another Central Station?

So you’ve grown your alarm-based business to a point where you may be looking for a new monitoring partner. But your biggest holdup is the mountain of data that needs to be sorted and organized before the migration process can even begin. You may feel discouraged at this point, but you can rest assured that the AvantGuard migration team is comprised of experts that are dedicated to doing the job right.

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Is It Worth All The Hassle?

Migrating to a different central station poses various risks, but the greatest rewards come in the form of service quality, technological infrastructure and partnership value. If any of the three elements are lacking in your current monitoring setup, you may need to seriously consider switching monitoring partners.


Simply put, providing superior service will help you retain more customers. And, in our Service white paper, it demonstrates how retaining only five percent more of your customers will help increase profits by up to 100 percent. So customer service is a big deal when you are measuring growth factors in your company. If a significant portion of your customer base defects because of bad customer experiences, moving your accounts is definitely worth it.

Technology Infrastructure

The next point of consideration for determining if it is worth migrating your accounts is knowing the crucial details about your monitoring partner’s central station technology. If your current partner does not have a hot-redundant failover system, in the event of an emergency, your subscribers could go hours without service. And, with natural disasters that regularly occur, every minute lost puts more people at risk of injury and even death.

Partnership Value

The final aspect you should consider is how you feel about your current monitoring partnership. It is important for a monitoring company to deliver mutually beneficial services to dealers like you, especially when it comes to providing the tools and resources to help your company grow. Delivering specialized reports, optimization feedback and learning resources are just a few of the ways a central station can help dealers grow their businesses.

The AG Process

Every conversion process will vary depending on the dealer's size and the type of monitoring they are looking for. But, below are all of the the basic steps we follow in order to complete standard conversions.


Dedicated conversion team members are assigned on the monitoring side as well as on the customer side.

Having specific individuals who are dedicated to completing the migration helps reduce the human error in the conversion process. As with any large project, it is better if the same people carry the process through to the end so that nothing is overlooked.

The company provides the AG migration team with sample data to help determine the amount of time that will be needed to successfully convert the entire subscriber base.

The total time it takes to migrate a subscriber base depends on how the data was stored and recorded on the original record and how it is delivered to the migration team. Often times, data needs to be revised in order for it to properly trigger certain functions in the Stages monitoring software.


Weekly conference calls are set up with the conversion teams.

Frequent communication ensures that the process goes smoothly, and ensures that every detail is accounted for. In these meetings, each side of the migration process agrees on specific tasks that will be completed in the week and what needs to happen for those tasks to reach completion.


The first pass of data is give to the dealer.

Once the dealer has a chance to review the first batch of inputed data, final adjustments can be made before the rest of it is transferred to the Stages system.


A resporg order on the dealer's existing receiver lines will be filled out and sent to the phone companies.


A training on dealer tools and Stages monitoring portal will be done with the dealer and their staff. Multiple trainings may be done throughout the conversion process based on the dealer's needs.

Stages is a robust automation software that provides all the data and tools a dealer will ever need. Proper training in Stages is essential to ensuring dealers will get the most out of it possible.


Data is pushed into AG's test environment for vetting. The dealer reviews their data and ensures that the information is correct. Upon completion, the second pass of data will be requested and pushed into AvantGuard's test environment.


All data is moved to Stages production environment, and a conference call is scheduled for the morning of the "go live" date.


The day of the conversion, the AvantGuard team watches the signal traffic to make sure all of the lines have swung properly and traffic is being received.


After the conversion date, the AvantGuard team continues to watch signal traffic and identify any problematic accounts or signals.

The AvantGuard Difference

Avantguard strives to be as transparent as possible throughout the conversion process. This helps remove communication barriers and results in more efficient problem solving. In all honesty, the conversion process can be burdensome and stressful, but the combination of AvantGuard’s customer experience, technological infrastructure and partnership value make everything worth it. Our company’s slogan is “Be In Good Company.” That is because we truly believe that mutually beneficial business partnerships and meaningful customer service are worthwhile endeavors, and we feel we provide the best of each. The best way to find out, is to start speaking with a migration specialist to see what it will take to make the conversion happen.

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