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Interactive Video Monitoring

Essential for Today’s Security Systems


Why Video Monitoring is Important

False alarms plague the security industry. One of the best ways to combat false alarms is through video monitoring and verification. Video monitoring and verification greatly increases the accuracy and efficiency of security systems by determining the validity of incoming signals. Video verification has been shown to save customers and dealers thousands of dollars on false alarms. AvantGuard uses advanced video verification to reduce false alarms, deter criminal activity from residential and commercial properties with interactive video monitoring, and to provide the most trusted and reliable alarm verification services to your business and customers. 

Benefits of Video Monitoring

  1. Prevention – Deterrent Against Criminal
    Through our interactive video monitoring platforms, our operators can play an audio recording or deter perpetrators directly via the camera’s two-way communication.

  2. Activity Verification – False Alarm Reduction
    Video verification helps distinguish between signals that do and do not require dispatch by determining if there is criminal activity or not, helping reduce false alarms. 

  3. Evidence for Investigation
    When necessary, video clips from an event can be supplied to law enforcement to verify criminal activity and support investigations. 

  4. Comply with Legislation
    Video verification provides a verified check to the dispatch operator when requesting police. A growing number of jurisdictions are requiring visual verification before sending police to investigate security alarms.  

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Wholesale Video Monitoring Solutions

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial video surveillance or remote guarding, we’ve got you covered.


Residential Video Surveillance from AvantGuard

Video feeds are integrated with AG’s award-winning central stations and supported by our skilled team of video monitoring specialists.  These video specialists are equipped with state-of-the-art systems and poised to follow clearly documented action plans to guarantee accurate alarm verification and the fastest video alarm dispatches in the industry.

In addition, AvantGuard provides integrations with the best systems for video verification and monitoring such as Immix, CHeKT, and Calipsa. We work closely with our dealer partners to enable a smooth integration process.

Commercial Remote Guarding from Eyeforce 

AvantGuard is partnered with Eyeforce, a Becklar Company, to provide advanced, interactive remote guarding services. Eyeforce combines video surveillance, analytics and live audio to turn every camera in your security system into a remote guard. Implemented on over 10,000 cameras nationwide, Eyeforce replaces security guards at commercial properties with remote intervention specialists that watch over the facility 24/7.  

Onboarding is simple – Eyeforce will integrate their AI solution and test your accounts to ensure that everything is working properly. They also maintain the solution for the lifetime of the account. That’s it. It’s camera AI for your commercial property made easy. This camera agnostic end-to-end integrated remote guarding solution provides a dedicated monitoring team for your facility.  


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