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Monitoring Solutions For A Connected World


Professional Monitoring

Wholesale monitoring services for your customers or business

  • 24-Hour Answering
  • Vanity Line
  • Action Plans
  • Storm Queue
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Cloud Monitoring Platform

Advanced monitoring automation software for central stations

  • Action Plans
  • Auto Processes
  • Interactive Chat
  • Simple API
  • Receiverless Signals
  • Storm Queue
  • Integrated Video
  • Two-Way Voice

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Hybrid Monitoring

Combine our software and professional monitoring services

Are you looking for operator support, redundancy infrastructure, and automation software? Then our Hybrid Monitoring service is the perfect solution for you. It combines all the features of Cloud and Professional monitoring in a single package so you can scale your monitoring operation at a portion of the cost.

  • AG operator support after hours, weekends, and holidays
  • Full hot redundancy with immediate failover
  • Add two-way voice, auto dial, and onsite backup