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Hybrid Monitoring

The Perfect Blend Of Professional Monitoring And The Cloud Monitoring Platform

Benefits of Hybrid Monitoring


Keep Your Central Station

Hybrid monitoring gives you the choice to keep your existing central station, bolster it with AvantGuard technology, and keep your people.


Scale At A Much Lower Cost

Investing in additional locations and state-of-the-art monitoring automation technology can cost millions of dollars. Hybrid monitoring let’s you get all that at a portion of the cost.


Off-Hours Operator Support

With hybrid monitoring, you’re not left alone. You have the option to hire AvantGuard operators to support your operations team after business hours, weekends, and even holidays.

Is Hybrid Monitoring Right For You?

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Features of Hybrid Monitoring

Cloud-Based Tech

Reduce clutter by moving your automation to the cloud. Now you don’t have to install expensive, space-hogging servers.

Advanced Automation Software

AvantGuard’s automation software has the power to revolutionize your central station, making it more efficient than ever before.

Redundancy/Failover Infrastructure

Tap into an existing redundancy and failover infrastructure without having to invest in, and develop it on your own.

Two-Way Voice

Add Two-Way Voice to your central station and communicate conveniently with your customers while gaining verified response in the process.

Auto Dial

Improve your operator efficiency by implementing an auto-dial system, making your operators’ jobs easier, and getting in touch with subscribers faster.

Onsite Backup

With Hybrid Monitoring, you also have the option to implement an onsite backup of your customer data, allowing you to mine it for insights and keep backup records.

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