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IoT Monitoring

"AG has been a strategic partner of ours for several years. We share the same vision for great customer experiences and friendly prompt service. The AG team is never too busy to strategize and adapt as our company has grown and evolved."

Nate Routsong | Simplx Security

Monitoring the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices connected through the internet which are capable of sending and receiving data. The true strength of IoT devices lies in their ability to operate wirelessly and be monitored and controlled remotely. Applications of IoT devices range from smart home and environmental monitoring to vehicle crash detection monitoring.

As 5G network speeds become more readily available, IoT devices gain much greater bandwidth to perform a higher level of functions.


AG Monitors a Variety of IoT Systems

Crash Detection


Thousands of cars are watched over by accident detection technology. Whether it is an aftermarket product or if it is built into the car itself, crashes of all types can be monitored and managed by AG monitoring services.

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Video Monitoring Platforms

AvantGuard, a Becklar company, partners with Immix, CHeKT, Calipsa and Eyeforce to provide the most effective video monitoring service available in the security industry today Through our video monitoring and verification service, the effectiveness of your customers’ security systems is greatly enhanced. Through video verification, we are able to accurately validate signals and dispatch immediately. Our video monitoring solutions also help you tackle one of the biggest industry hurdles – false alarms.  


Characterized by its delicate nature, environmental monitoring consists of ensuring temperatures, gas levels and other environmental factors are at their desired state. In a hospital for example, refrigerators have to be kept at specific temperatures, but checking on the fridge every 20 minutes takes a lot of time out of an individual’s day. This process, among others, is easily automated and monitored by AG. The same can be said for any other environmental state. And the best part, the data all gets documented so you can comply with even the strictest regulations.

AG Monitoring Technology

Good monitoring technology has to be hot redundant, and deliver consistent, reliable  service every time. The technology infrastructure at AvantGuard uses to monitor your devices is best-in-class to ensure the safety and well-being of your customers. And it ensures we receive every signal, every time. Having redundant communication paths and advanced automation software guarantees that nothing gets lost along the way, regardless of the circumstances.

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