Cybersecurity Through INVISUS

A guide for dealers on how our partnership with INVISUS provides your customers new cybersecurity protection, and your business new RMR opportunity.

AvantGuard Partnership with INVISUS

AvantGuard has partnered with cybersecurity leader INVISUS to provide dealers with the latest in protection plans customized to plug and play with alarm customer accounts.

Below you'll find useful information how dealers can leverage this partnership by providing customers with the new cybersecurity offerings all while creating a new RMR stream for your business.

AvantGuard + INVISUS

AvantGuard is an industry leader in wholesale monitoring providing a wide variety of services including professional monitoring, hybrid partnerships and cloud monitoring. Featuring two fully hot redundant sites, meaning if one of the sites goes down, the other can fully handle the signal load. AvantGuard is UL Listed, FM Approved and TMA 5 Diamond Certified which exceeds all standards of excellence when it comes to the monitoring industry.

Since 2001, INVISUS has been a pioneer and industry leader in protection and risk management for the digital age for both businesses and consumers. The company’s mission is to develop and provide innovative, simple and affordable cybersecurity solutions that enable both businesses and consumers to proactively defend against cybercrime, identity fraud and other growing threats to their privacy, security and financial future.

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1. The Cybersecurity Opportunity

Over 100 million people experience cybercrime every year in the U.S.1 Not surprisingly, cybercrime and identity theft have become the number one crime-related worry for consumers at a rate nearly two times higher than home burglary.2 As consumers and businesses alike have become increasingly reliant on digital data, the rate of cyberattacks and data breaches has increased to the point that hundreds of millions of people have been affected one way or another by cybercrime. The demand for cybersecurity solutions for home and business is skyrocketing.

Alarm companies are in a unique position with a clear opportunity to take the lead in the fight against cybercrime and further solidify their relationship of trust with their customers. Dealers offering cybersecurity solutions create a significant competitive advantage in their market, boost customer retention and increase recurring monthly revenue.

  1. Increase RMR
  2. Boost customer retention
  3. Diversify and grow

INVISUS offers a specialized cybersecurity partner program that enables residential and small business alarm companies to take advantage of this massive market trend and grow their business even in an uncertain economy.

1 Cyber Safety Insights Report – Harris Poll October 2018

2 Gallup Poll, November 2018

2. Next Gen Cybersecurity Solutions

In today’s digital age, a new generation of cybersecurity solutions is required to stay safe against identity fraud, cybercrime and other online privacy threats. Individuals, families and businesses alike face the challenge of staying protected from cyber criminals that can hack and exploit everything from computers to cell phones, and even smart home and IoT devices. That's why INVISUS is pioneering a path for complete cybersecurity protection.

INVISUS leads the market with innovative and comprehensive protection plans that provide the latest technologies in a simple and affordable solution set. You can leverage this next gen protection and bring it to you customers.


iDefend, an INVISUS program, is more than just traditional identity theft protection or anti-virus software. It is a complete cyber defense plan for individuals and families. iDefend is the future of cybersecurity for the residential market with an all-in-one solution, made simple and affordable for the masses.

Dealers can provide the best in complete cyber protection to their residential customers. More than just ID theft or anti-virus protection, today’s home customer needs a comprehensive and affordable all-in-one cyber defense plan including:



Small to mid-sized businesses and organizations are a primary target for hackers and cybercriminals because they are easy prey. Due to the lack of awareness, resources and expertise, the vast majority of smaller businesses haven’t taken proper steps to protect against cyberattacks and data breaches.

The InfoSafe program by INVISUS offers simple and affordable cybersecurity and ID theft protection solutions that are designed specifically for your small and mid-sized commercial accounts. With INVISUS, businesses can take proactive steps to protect themselves, their customers and their employees against cybercrime and identity fraud.

INVISUS business protection solutions include: 

  1. Cybersecurity risk assessment, compliance and certification
  2. Remote workforce cybersecurity and technical support
  3. Employee protection in a tax-deductible benefit plan

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3. The AG Dealer Partner Program 

AvantGuard together with INVISUS makes it simple and easy for dealers to diversify and grow with cybersecurity solutions for both residential and commercial customers with a turnkey cybersecurity partner program.

The main components of our partner program include:

  1. Basic cyber coverage for customers
  2. Upgraded customer protection plans
  3. InfoSafe Certification for alarm companies

Bundled Residential Cyber Protection

INVISUS has developed a unique and powerful go-to-market strategy for the residential market by enabling dealers to add value to their core product by bundling basic cyber protection with their customer’s current monthly service. With this bundled protection model, the cost for the iDefend Basic protection plan is dramatically reduced to the dealer, with built-in opportunities for customers to upgrade to premium iDefend plans – creating a healthy RMR for alarm dealers.

Pricing: Request quote.

iDefend Basic Coverage 

The bundled iDefend Basic plan is a household plan that includes coverage for up to 2 adults and all children up to the age of 18. Among the several great cyber defense benefits, the Basic plan includes an annual cyber defense checkup, computer and mobile device security checkups, real-time cybersecurity threat alerts, and full ID theft recovery services in the event any family member suffers from an identity theft incident. Altogether, it provides a meaningful and personalized customer experience that creates loyalty and trust.

The bundled iDefend Basic plan includes these powerful benefits for each household:

  1. Annual home cyber defense checkup
  2. 2x per year computer security/device checkups
  3. Cyber defense support hotline
  4. Full ID theft recovery services
  5. $1 million ID theft protection guarantee
  6. Cyberhood Watch updates and threat alerts
  7. Full household coverage (up to 2 adults and all children under 18)

Revenue From Residential Upgrades

The bundled iDefend Basic plan drives customers to discovering the need for more complete personal and home cyber defense, and provides simple, intuitive ways for them to learn about and upgrade to more robust iDefend protection. Dealers are paid a recurring monthly commission on all their customers who upgrade to a premium iDefend plan. INVISUS does all enrollment, billing and support for customer upgrades.

Discounted Pricing: Residential customers who are on iDefend Basic with their alarm service automatically get preferred customer pricing on all iDefend upgrades.

Billing and Support: INVISUS does the online enrollment, billing and customer service for customer upgrades to premium iDefend plans.

RMR: INVISUS pays dealers a monthly recurring commission on customers that upgrade to a premium iDefend plan. 

Revenue from Business Referrals

Dealers earn RMR on any commercial accounts referred to INVISUS.

InfoSafe Certification for Dealers 

In order to provide cybersecurity solutions to customers, we strongly recommended alarm dealers, central stations and equipment manufacturers get certified on our InfoSafe Certification program. This program helps companies prevent data breaches and get compliant with federal, state and industry cybersecurity regulations. Certification dramatically enhances the value of the alarm company and signifies commitment to customer data security and privacy.

Key features and benefits include:

  1. Cybersecurity risk and compliance assessment
  2. Information security plan and policies
  3. Employee security awareness training
  4. Network and website vulnerability testing
  5. Computer, remote worker security checkups
  6. Vendor risk management
  7. Certification seal
  8. Compliance reports and updates

The InfoSafe certification program is designed specifically for SMBs and is made available at discounted rates to alarm companies. Pricing is based on the number of employees and locations.

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4. Why You Should Consider Cybersecurity

The need for cybersecurity is only going to keep growing. In turn, the demand for identification theft protection, data breach protection and cybersecurity compliance solutions are going to boom. By adding INVISUS cybersecurity solutions to your customer offerings, you'll drive additional revenue by adding world-class services that will keep your customer protected for the digital future of tomorrow. 

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