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Wholesale Security Monitoring

"I've been in the industry for going on nine years and out of the three central stations I have worked with, AvantGuard is by far superior in the monitoring services and support they provide. There isn't a single question or situation that I have brought to AG that they have not been able to help me resolve. They are always willing to help and very prompt when doing so."

Marshall Woodruff | Brinton Security Services, LLC

What Is Wholesale Security Monitoring?

Wholesale security monitoring is a service provided to security system installation companies that takes the place of an in-house monitoring center. Therefore, when a security system is installed in a home or business, it then needs to be monitored. Instead of having to invest millions of dollars in developing and running a central station, security dealers can outsource that service to AvantGuard Monitoring Centers at a fraction of the cost, and at a much higher quality. AG is then able to answer all alarms under the name of the security company.

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Redundancy You Can Trust

A core feature in central station technology is its redundancy, also known as failover infrastructure. Having two of the same thing is not enough to say that a central station has redundancy. In fact, in order to properly protect subscribers from harm, a central station has to have what is called hot redundancy — a failover method that removes downtime as much as possible in the event of a system failure. AvantGuard Monitoring Center's core function is to protect your subscribers, and does this by providing a redundancy infrastructure that is properly configured and tested to deliver meaningful results.

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People You Can Trust

There are several security monitoring best practices that deliver positive service experiences for your customers. A primary method for delivering positive results is by hiring operators that have specific qualities. The three core qualities AvantGuard looks for in an operator are:

  • Empathy
  • Attention to Detail
  • Passion for Service

Our white paper, Making Service A Priority, details how companies who retain just five percent more of their customers can increase profits by more than 100 percent. This is a simple example of how providing meaningful customer experiences keeps companies relevant. Intense customer-centric motivations, along with thorough operator training is what makes AG Monitoring stand out as a premier provider of wholesale alarm monitoring service.

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It's About Trust

AvantGuard Monitoring Centers excels in commercial and residential security systems. Because we understand that every second counts, our team members are continuously trained to stay current on the latest developments in the central station monitoring industry. We have a dedicated team on site to ensure that our service to dealers and their customers is second to none. We constantly look for ways to improve that service on a daily basis, so when you select AvantGuard to provide central station monitoring for your security business, you can be sure that you will receive a quick and accurate response.

Customizable Partnerships


We understand that every business operates uniquely and has different needs. That’s why we developed our Hybrid Monitoring partnership models. Now, security companies that have an in-house central station can leverage the technology of a wholesale partner while retaining in-house operations. Hybrid monitoring truly is the ultimate solution for businesses that want redundancy and state-of-the-art automation software.

As explained in our Hybrid Monitoring eGuide, the investment required to plan, construct, and operate a redundant location can exceed $1M. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the amount of executive time and thought or hiring and training costs. So, for security companies looking for alternative redundancy options, hybrid monitoring should be a top contender.




AvantGuard provides video monitoring and verification solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Our video verification and monitoring solutions improve the accuracy and efficiency of your customer's alarm systems, deter crime and reduce false alarm dispatches. 

For residential security dealers, we utilize third-party video verification platforms from Immix and CHeKT to validate signals and dispatch only when necessary. Our integration with Calipsa allows advanced security AI and analytics integration into camera systems to instantly analyze signals to determine validity, further reducing false alarm signals sent to our central station. 

For commercial customers, we have partnered with Eyeforce, a Becklar Company, to provide enhanced, interactive remote guarding services. Eyeforce combines video surveillance, video analytics, and live audio intervention to replace security guards at commercial properties using remote monitoring from professional crime intervention specialists that oversee commercial properties 24/7.

Group Chat Alarm Management


In today’s market, nearly 95 percent of calls from the central station go unanswered. On the other hand, text messages have a 99 percent open rate, and when group chats are applied to alarm event management, they help improve communication between members on an account.

AvantGuard’s group chat system, AG Chat, was developed to solve the issue of miscommunication and help reduce false alarm dispatches. When an alarm goes off and the homeowner or business representative doesn’t answer the phone, the central station must request dispatch. Unfortunately, most alarms are produced on false circumstances and do not require emergency response. Now, if a user is in an important meeting, or any other situation where answering the phone is inconvenient, solving problems in a group chat brings the service to the customer, not the other way around.

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