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Who We Are

At AvantGuard you can expect to find a great work-life balance and even the beginnings of a promising career. Our goal is to create an environment of excellence and opportunity. Team members are pushed to achieve more and are rewarded when they do.



Why Work At AvantGuard?

Whether you are looking to finish your degree or want to advance your career, AvantGuard can help get you where you want to be.

Flexible Hours

Our flexible scheduling gives you space for family commitments, changing school schedules and even your next vacation. 

Tuition Reimbursement

Just like you, we value your education. Team members who work 20+ hours per week can earn up to $1000 per year for school. 

Competitive Pay

Earn what you deserve. Positions pay competitively based on location, experience, and qualification. 

401K Match

We understand you don't just work for the day. Our 401K matches up to 4% of your total contribution for the year. 

Growth Opportunities

If you are looking to advance and want new opportunities, we always look to hire internally first to fill advancement positions. 

Great Company Culture

If you like height-adjustable desks, quarterly parties, ping pong tournaments, and snack walls, you'll love working at AvantGuard.