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Cloud Monitoring Platform

Advanced Central Station Automation Software Through The Cloud

"We tested a few central stations before we settled on Avantguard. My techs applauded the platform for its ease and flexibility. As an owner, I appreciate the reports. My operations department loves the customer service. I would recommend Avantguard wholeheartedly."

Gary Hand| LA Alarms

Benefits of Cloud Monitoring

A Piece Of The High Rise

Getting access to world-class automation software used to be like buying an entire high rise building when you just needed a few rooms. Cloud monitoring lets you tap into AvantGuard’s high-rise infrastructure at the price of your own personal floor.


High-Powered Software

When you sign up for Cloud Monitoring, you give your central station the power to automate processes, deliver consistent service, and scale your operation to meet your company’s growth. Imagine: action plans, redundancy, failover, and scripts, all at your fingertips.


Backup Through AG

When you get Cloud Monitoring, you’re not left alone. AvantGuard’s redundant infrastructure is also at your disposal when something goes wrong. You don’t have to worry about power loss, or system failures, because we have more central stations right behind you.

Advanced Monitoring Technology

Learn about the technology that powers our central stations.


Features of Cloud Monitoring

Action Plans

Create the most consistent, meaningful and efficient processes by implementing tried and true action plans for your operators.


Offload and automate tasks, increase response times, and optimize your operational efficiency with Cloud Monitoring.

Simple API

Easily connect with your favorite software systems, CRMs and more with an easy-to-use API system

Cloud Hosted

Reduce clutter by moving your automation to the cloud. Now you don’t have to install expensive, space-hogging servers.

Storm Queue

Combat natural disasters by moving low-priority signals to a separate queue and maintain your response rates.

Receiverless Signals

Simplify your central station’s technology by getting rid of unnecessary hardware, resulting in reduced investment costs.


“We have been with AvantGuard for almost two years now. Our clients and our team have provided nothing but positive feedback. We are seeing quick responses to alarms, as well as prompt answers to any questions our team has. Because of AG's up-to-date central stations, our integration with has been flawless.”

Mike Richardson
Spartan Security Systems Inc.

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