alarm monitoring, central station monitoring



When you select AvantGuard to provide security monitoring, you can be sure that you will receive a quick and accurate response, always accompanied by a friendly, professional voice on the other end of the line.

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Whether a subscriber is in the house or on vacation, AvantGuard reacts fast to fire alarms. With many years of fire alarm experience, we have confidence in contacting the right local authorities in the best way possible.

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Pers monitoring


As an established PERS monitoring center, AvantGuard provides state-of-the-art system of receivers, phone, and automation to receive signals, making sure PERS users and their families feel confident in their safety.

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internet of things monitoring


Wireless connectivity is rapidly expanding and AvantGuard is growing along with it. As new products and services are developed to enhance safety and quality of life, we adapt our technology to accommodate those needs.

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Additional Industries

We do more than monitor the typical security, PERS and fire alarm devices.

Lone Workers

We make sure workers in potentially hazardous situations are taken care of. Now you can work alone with confidence. 

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Environmental Alarm Monitoring

Do you need to monitor for excessive gas levels or flooding? We connect with all kinds of atypical devices that need monitoring.

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Crash Detection

We frequently partner with companies who provide crash detection technologies, provide status updates and send emergency help when needed.

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