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Monitoring the Internet of Things

Providing meaningful services to people in the age of connectivity

The Internet of Things

The world of wireless connectivity is rapidly expanding and AvantGuard is putting itself in the middle of it all. As new products and services are developed to enhance individual safety and quality of life, we adapt our monitoring technology to accommodate those needs. Whether subscribers want to monitor crash-detection in their cars, temperatures in hospital refrigerators or lone workers in potentially hazardous situations, we are ready to go.

Monitoring products in the IoT makes life easier for users and distributors alike. When a sensor is in place, monitoring the status of a piece of machinery or the air quality in a space, automatic reports can be produced and records kept for companies required to produce them on command by regulatory agencies.

Environmental Monitoring

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Learn about our environmental monitoring capabilities and how we help your business comply with regulation standards and record and store important data. 


What I love most about this crash detection service is I don’t have to wait to ‘get a hold’ of someone.

- Shenna

My crash detection service located my daughter in a storm.

- Curt

This service helps me to feel comfortable.

- Brian

I am a driving school owner, and the service even helped me recover a stolen car!

- Brent

I am so thankful for your great service. You're a hero!

- Megan

Numbers Never Lie

We believe that numbers can speak louder than words, and these numbers are always growing.




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