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What Is 5G? | AG Weekly

Justin Bailey
Nov 9, 2018 8:05:00 AM


What Is 5G?

Just like 4G replaced 3G, 5G is the replacement for the current 4G or LTE wireless technologies.

How Is 5G Different From LTE?

5G brings about some unique promises to the market. It should increase bandwidth in most deployments. That means more data can be sent across the spectrum in the form of signals, messages and video. 5G also is promising a lot lower latency, which is the delay the signals experience that are traveling across the wireless frequency. So there are some unique opportunities with lower latency and increased bandwidth to do new applications that really didn't lend themselves to wireless technologies in the past.

What Does 5G Offer To Dealers?

5G can certainly bring some interesting evolutions in the security space. The low latency and the high bandwidth really opens up the world for communicating a lot more information from a control panel, to to a monitoring facility, and really anywhere in the cloud.  It will provide a lot more space for additional alarm information. Potentially, 5G could even improve the amount of data and video that's available and push to the cloud and that is available for monitoring applications and end users.

Currently, most video systems produce too much information to push the video to the cloud, and 5G potentially could change that. Because of it's increased bandwidth, it could provide the necessary capabilities to push significant amounts of video from the premise to a place where they're more usable and more easily stored.

How Will 5G Affect New Technology

How 5G is deployed in the industry will be really interesting. We sit at a point now where LTE or 4G is finally really being deployed as the primary communication methodology. The move to 5G really should open the world up with lower rates for bandwidth, and I expect that there's going to be some new additional 5G standards that allow machine-to-machine communication to be done more cost effectively.

What I hope to see is additional data points and metadata about security as well as other monitored devices being able to be pushed into the cloud and utilized for analysis. I think 5G will really push artificial intelligence and other technologies forward in the monitoring industry.

How Will 5G Affect Customers?

I think the customer will first see 5G in their personal cell phones and mobile devices. Now I think the other thing it will bring is a more fully-connected world where consumers have a better opportunity to tie different devices together in their lives for a more friction-free existence.

5G could help create a simpler world where maybe security panels don't have to be armed or disarmed anymore and the technology is smart enough to know that the owners are home or that they've left and it needs to arm and disarm itself. I think the use of video and the use of other devices in the home could augment a traditional security system and even quality of life.

How Will 5G Help Dealers?

Ultimately as 5G is adopted every time a new communication protocol is in place. And when the former network protocol winds down, it provides unique opportunities for dealers to interact with their customers. It should be an opportunity for dealers to rekindle relationships with their customers and to make sure that they're using technologies that are modern and that customers enjoy using. In addition, the customers should enjoy looking at them and really provide a modern user experience.

I also think dealers will have opportunities to gain better insight into the equipment that they're responsible for. And, they will be able to interact with them in ways that they haven't in the past. This will allow them to do more health monitoring without having somebody on site and being able to manage those devices remotely, without needing a technician to travel to the location that is being secured.

What Exciting Things Will 5G Bring?

One thing we may see with 5G is there are a promise of speeds faster than the internet most of us have in our homes and even many of us have in our businesses. There's a future coming where there are no wires running to our homes besides power lines. And if we go solar and adopt more renewable resources for our energy, there may a day come when we have no lines running to our homes at all. That's a pretty exciting time. It's a time when we may not even have Wi-Fi routers in our homes. That means every device would communicate over the 5G communication spectrum. It'll save me having to go downstairs to reboot my wireless router, which would be fantastic. I think there are going to be a lot of advancements technologically that help connect the world in ways we haven't even thought of up to this point. It will be interesting to see what comes of the future and I think 5G will help drive that to us.

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