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AvantGuard monitors hundreds of thousands of PERS accounts, and understands the needs of seniors and others with special medical needs to maintain an independent lifestyle. As an established provider of wholesale alarm monitoring services for PERS dealers, AvantGuard provides state-of-the-art system of receivers, phone, and automation to receive PERS signals.

AvantGuard has a dedicated department of highly trained, certified PERS operators that respond quickly and efficiently to medical alerts and alarms because we know that every second counts. Our compassionate operators are trained to provide respectful senior care. Quality Assurance Specialists also listen in on calls to evaluate our operators based on response time, customer service, a professional manner, and compassion. PERS operators receive continuous training on the specific needs of our PERS customers because we strive to refine and improve our performance every single day.

Hero Story

When Hurricane Harvey was at its worst, Margaret relied on Logan to help her out of a deadly situation.

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Not too long ago I needed help, and the paramedics were there so fast. I was so surprised! I was taken to the hospital, and everything turned out okay. I don't know what I would've done if I hadn't had my button.

- June

You have saved my life multiple times. I am so grateful for you, and it feels good knowing that you are here to help me.

- Shawn

I recently went unconcious, and you got me the help I needed. I appreciate that you stayed on the line with my friend who was there with me. Thanks for giving me peace of mind in knowing I'm not alone.

- Steve

You are all life savers, whether you know it or not. You saved my life two months ago, and I appreciate you so much. Thank you for watching out for people like me.

- Marie

Thank you for the time I've been with you. I am a widow with no children or family, so I appreciate you always being there. Thank you for helping me feel so safe!

- Anonymous

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