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Choosing Central Station Operators

Floribel Duran
Oct 19, 2018 8:05:00 AM

Floribel Duran, HR Manager at AvantGuard, gives her take on choosing the right central station operators, the characteristics they should have, and how to test for the right attributes.




What Are The Main Attributes To Look For In A Monitoring Station Operator?

The main attributes that we look for in a new monitoring station operator are empathy, attention to detail and passion for service.

Why Is Empathy Important?

Empathy is important and team members because as difficult situations arise, it's important for our team members to really put themselves in that subscribers feeling and understanding of the situation and be able to relate to them as they provide service or assistance.

Why Is Attention To Detail Important?

Attention to detail is definitely one of those things that not all of us have. It's easy to get flustered or frustrated in a situation that can be tense or scary like a lot of the situations that are off the operator's handle. And so it's important for them to really pay attention to what the subscriber is telling them they need. Really important for them to be able to provide help. When dispatching and giving them as much information as possible so that we can get the right help, promptly.

Why Is passion For Service Important?

I think that when each day you're coming in and you know you will get a lot of false alarms and false signals, It can be emotionally draining to listen to those and when you're handling difficult situations. That can be emotionally draining. But when you're helping somebody, you get that really rewarding feeling. And so if you have a passion for that. It helps you be better at your job and really feel rewarded after.

How Do You Test For These Attributes?

It's it's pretty difficult to screen for empathy. Attention to detail and a lot of the attributes that we want to find. But I think the most important thing is being able to understand. What makes a person enjoy their job what they've done in the past and what they hope to do in the future. They can relate to helping others and really understand what they enjoy to do at work and making sure that they're going to enjoy coming and feel rewarded by helping others.

Why Is Company Culture Important?

Company culture is important because it drives the way people feel and interact in the workplace. The more you enjoy where you work the better you're going to do at your job. The more successful you will be and the more you'll get accomplished as a single person or as a team.

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