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What Makes The Best Alarm Dispatch Operators

Alex Flitton
Aug 31, 2018 11:22:17 AM

There are several indicators dealers can use to evaluate central station monitoring companies. And among those, we believe that the central station staff is the most important. Even though technology is the boat that needs to remain buoyant for service to happen, subscribers only have the central station operators to evaluate the service quality of a monitoring center. They are not concerned with details such as the type of network providers the center uses or automation software. They care about how they will be treated, the usefulness of the service they receive and consistency with that service.

The Factors That Make The Best Alarm Dispatchers

There are three essential characteristics that each AvantGuard operator has to possess in order to be the best service representative possible. Those are:

  1. Empathy
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Passion for service.

Each characteristic plays an integral and unique role in the central station, especially when operators find themselves managing stressful situations. It is rare that a subscriber in an emergency will respond calmly, especially when they have fallen, gotten in a car crash, or had someone break into their home.


The first essential characteristic we look for when hiring new team members for our central station is empathy. Having this characteristic is essential with every call, and it’s what makes AvantGuard’s service stand out from the competition. Whether a subscriber accidentally trips their own alarm, or they are in the middle of a real-life emergency, operators have to empathize with each situation in order to respond appropriately.

  • Operators who are empathetic are able to put themselves in the subscribers’ shoes and react in a way that is helpful to them.

Attention To Detail

We use a very sophisticated automation software system in our central station that helps deliver industry-leading customer experiences. In order to operate that system correctly, operators have to go through several weeks of training and practice before they go out on their own. Having a close attention to detail is crucial, and adherence to established procedures helps ensure consistency, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

Our central station automation software give operators adaptive instructions and offers customized information on each account in order to meet dealer and subscriber specifications. Therefore, it is essential that operators are able to follow those instructions closely so that subscribers associate the top-level service with the dealer brands we represent.

Passion for service

The final characteristic that each operator has to possess is a customer-centric passion for service. If our operators aren’t focused on helping others, they will never succeed in the central station and subscribers will recognize it quickly. It is very frequent that consumers find faults in the service they receive, so we take great pride in the hundreds of compliments we receive from customers each week regarding the service they receive. It serves as a testament to us that we are providing a valuable service and that we are doing our job well.

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