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Why You Need Central Station Automation Software

Alex Flitton
Apr 4, 2018 6:28:25 PM

The security alarm market is quickly becoming the expansion project of global players like Amazon and Google. In the last few years, several billion-dollar purchases have been made to claim control of the consumer market for security devices. As expected, this pattern shows no signs of letting up. Luckily for traditional dealers, however, the focus of these acquisitions has been on non-serviced DIY products. To date, traditional security alarm providers still have the upper hand in how they install, service and monitor superior systems.

Take A Look At These Recent Examples:

Amazon Purchases Ring

Amazon Purchases AI Security Startup

Google Purchases Nest 

What does this mean for traditional alarm companies who have in-house central stations?

In-House Central Station, operator

Companies who cannot keep up with consumer needs and distinguish themselves from competitors are doomed to follow such fallen heroes as Blockbuster and traditional taxis. The best central station software will have important features such as customizable action plans, partitioned signal queues and the ability to integrate with advancing alarm technologies.

Unfortunately for the earnest central station monitoring centers attempting to upgrade, industry-leading central station automation software is often sold on an exclusive basis, determined by subscriber count and the central station's ability to pay a hefty bill. That’s where a hybrid partnership comes into place. A valuable monitoring partner will be able to use its preexisting qualifications to extend the software’s reach to additional central stations. 

So, what does an industry-leading central station automation software platform look like?

Monitoring-automation softwares come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know which features to look for. We’ve made a quick list for you to reference below:

1. Script & Procedure Automation:

Private Web - Looking at Accounts

An industry-leading platform will be able to provide custom scripts for operators for every signal type and situation. This creates consistency in service delivery and ensures proper procedures are followed every time. And, since time is an important factor in emergency event monitoring, automated scripts also make processes much more efficient. This results in faster-resolved situations and less expensive operating costs.

2. Emergency Adaptation and Need Forecasting:

An industry-leading platform will be able to adapt to natural disaster scenarios for large geographical areas. When a hurricane strikes or an earthquake hits, a large number of systems are going to spout low-priority signals like water from a geyser. Such an event can bog down the operations center producing slower response times for subscribers in immediate need. So, an effective software will be able to partition low priority signals to a separate queue to help maintain consistent response times.

3. Technology Integrations:

monitoring-technology, server, technology

An industry-leading platform will easily integrate with existing and evolving technologies. Since technology is advancing at such an alarming rate, adaptability is key to a growing market. The rise of integrated video monitoring and advanced detection technologies give precedence to a more effective form of monitoring and intruder identification. 

What’s The Next Step?

The Ultimate Handshake, partnership

Finding the right partner to expand your central station offering is key. The right partner will work to add to your current offering without changing the identity of your company. A hybrid monitoring partnership can get you above the threshold to true redundancy and advanced monitoring technology. 

Interested in learning more about Hybrid Monitoring? Try our Hybrid option tool to find out which partnership model fits your company best. 


Want to learn more about Advanced Central Station Automation?

Click the image to read our white paper on the effect that automation has on alarm factor scores; and eventually your monitoring bill!

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