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The Effect Of Advanced Central Station Automation Software On Alarm Factor Scores
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Improving Profitability

As you look for new ways to decrease costs and improve your company's profitability, one big step is to reduce your alarm factor score. Essentially, your alarm factor score measures the relationship between the number of signals that central station operators have to handle in comparison with the number of accounts you have. A lower alarm factor score can result in lower monitoring costs, making your business more profitable.

This white paper explores the relationship between advanced automation software and the alarm factor scores of four different companies who have adopted different levels of automation technology.

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What This White Paper Covers

Automation Terminology

Don't miss a single detail. This white paper begins with a thorough explanation of the terminology used throughout the white paper so you can get the most out of it.

Automation Methodology

This white paper also covers the types of automation technologies offered by AvantGuard, how they work, and how they affect the signal management process.

Multi-Company Analysis

We pulled raw data on four different companies; four security companies and one PERS company. They are ordered by the amount of automation systems they have adopted so you can easily see the difference in their performance.

Hard Data

Our white paper was built using hard data, leaving no details out so you can make your own conclusions on the effectiveness of automation technology. Each company has easy-to-read tables with data before and after adopting automation technologies.

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