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When it comes to reliable central station monitoring, AvantGuard is among the top monitoring centers in the nation. Our commitment to critical monitoring solutions sets us apart from other wholesale alarm monitoring providers. 

Whether you're new to the industry or want to expand your service, we can help. Our state-of-the-art technology and fast, accurate monitoring, are part of our "recipe" for success. Independent alarm dealers trust us to provide their third party alarm monitoring services.

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AvantGuard is proud to announce their new SMS communication platform. It allows your subscribers to interact simultaneously when an alarm goes off, improving communication, response time and saving you money. Imagine significantly reducing false dispatches, improving response times up to 90%, and reaching out to every member on the account at the exact same time. AG chat makes that happen. Learn More.


Marva, AG HERO

Marva, AG HERO

AvantGuard Hero

Errs On Side of Caution

Featured Hero: Marva


Helps During Hurricane


AvantGuard Hero

Helps During Hurricane

Featured Hero: Marissa

Mobile PERS Helps A Bleeding Woman


Mobile PERS Helps A

Bleeding Woman

Featured Hero: Matt
How to Define Superior Monitoring
Avantguard Delivers

How to Define

Superior Monitoring

Avantguard Delivers

What is the AvantGuard Hero Program?

Our Remarkable Team

What is the AvantGuard

Hero Program?

Our Remarkable Team

Redundant Alarm

AvantGuard Monitoring

How Redundant Alarm

Monitoring Works

The Art of True Redundancy


We are the leader in providing third party alarm monitoring services for dealers in the security industry.

Our central station monitoring facilities are UL listed, fully redundant, and geographically separated.

  • Security Alarm Monitoring by AvantGuard

    Security Alarm Monitoring

    AvantGuard Monitoring Centers excels in commercial and residential security systems. We work closely with our dealers to customize procedures in order to meet the unique needs of your subscribers. Learn more…

  • Fire Alarm & Security by AG Monitoring

    Fire Alarm Monitoring

    Because we've been monitoring fire alarm systems for over 30 years we know and understand relevant NFPA codes and standards. We're in compliance with local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Learn more…

  • PERS Monitoring by AvantGuard

    PERS Monitoring

    With years of experience in monitoring Personal Emergency Response Systems, AvantGuard is the industry leader in PERS and medical alert monitoring. We treat every PERS subscriber with compassion and respect. Learn more…


"I can’t overestimate the important role your operators play in our success. Every interaction with a customer (test or emergency) is an opportunity to reflect how important and valuable the customers are to both of us. Referral sources will send customers to medical alert companies that go “above and beyond” in providing services." – Aaron Kirk, President, Healthcom, Inc.


What our subscribers say about our service: "You responded to my mother when she pressed her button and got her the help she needed. This gave us another week with her before she passed away and time to say goodbye. Word's can't describe our gratitude." – Susan

AvantGuard CEO & President Recieves Award: Josh Garner Selected for Utah's 40 Under 40.


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