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Bad things can and do happen, but our redundancy has kept us from crashing. True redundancy has been part of AvantGuard's business model since 2008. We have two geographically dispersed central stations, staffed 24/7, each with the ability to carry 100% of the load.


Our exclusive, automatic toll-free re-route directs phone traffic seamlessly to the other facility if there's an issue. We regularly schedule disaster simulations so we are prepared at any moment, under any circumstance, to meet the needs of our customers.

Fully Redundant Monitoring Servers


We are the leader in providing third party alarm monitoring services for dealers in the security industry.

Our central station monitoring facilities are UL listed, fully redundant, and geographically separated.

  • Security Alarm Monitoring by AvantGuard

    Security Alarm Monitoring

    AvantGuard Monitoring Centers excels in commercial and residential security systems. We work closely with our dealers to customize procedures that meet the unique needs of your subscribers. Learn more…

  • Fire Alarm & Security by AG Monitoring

    Fire Alarm Monitoring

    We have been monitoring fire alarm systems for over 30 years. Because of this we know and understand the relevant NFPA codes and standards, and practice them to ensure that our dealers are in compliance with their local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Learn more…

  • PERS Monitoring by AvantGuard

    PERS Monitoring

    With years of experience in monitoring Personal Emergency Response Systems, AvantGuard is the industry leader in PERS and medical alert monitoring. Learn more…

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