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Storm Queue - Maintaining Response Rates During Natural Disasters

Alex Flitton
May 15, 2018 9:43:28 AM

Storm Queue is a feature within the Stages monitoring-automation software that allows central stations to partition low priority signals into a separate list. Since low-priority signals like power loss and low battery are removed from the queue, operators can focus their efforts on higher priority signals and save lives.

What Does It Look Like In Action?

During Hurricane Harvey, thousands of homes went without power due to flooding or broken power lines. Typically, the central station would receive a power loss signal and an operator would call the subscriber to notify them. Almost 100 percent of the time, the subscriber is more than aware of the situation and does not need a reminder. So, to save time and prioritize events, the low-priority signals from a selected geographical area are put on a separate list to be taken care of at another time.

How Does This Help Subscribers?

Because the lists are distinguished by priority level, subscribers in emergency situations receive the response-rate they deserve. Read a success story about how Storm Queue played an integral part in saving the life of a hurricane victim.

Read The Hero Story Now

Storm Queue procedures are regularly reviewed and are always ready to be implemented at either AvantGuard location.

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