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ADT Acquires DATASHIELD, Introduces Cybersecurity Service

Alex Flitton
Sep 10, 2018 8:05:00 AM

ADT recently acquired a cybersecurity company, DATASHIELD, with the end of launching its own ADT Cybersecurity service. Now, a full-scale, end-to-end security company, ADT is redefining what the traditional home security brand looks like, and what it should offer.

The Future Of Consumer Security

ADT’s recent acquisition of DATASHIELD, based in Utah and Arizona, is a clear demonstration of how the residential and commercial security industry is evolving. With the rapid rise of monitoring in the internet of things, cybersecurity and physical security are becoming one in the same, changing the way security companies strategically appeal to consumers. Now that network connected devices like home cameras and hue-changing lights can be remotely controlled, they can also be remotely hacked, giving way for a new type of security experts to take the stage.


According to the ADT news release, “DATASHIELD, now ADT Cybersecurity, is the only MDR provider to offer full packet capture and inspection beyond headers and metadata behind the firewall. ADT Commercial and National Account customers who look to add ADT Cybersecurity services will also have access to SHIELDVision™, a unified platform for organizing, managing, & collecting cyber intelligence. SHIELDVision™ automates security analyst workflows to close the gap between cyberattack and breach detection time and remediation for customers.”

The Growing Need For End-To-End Service

ADT’s latest pivot is a great example, at-scale, for dealers to offer a service a subset of individuals. It is apparent that companies who clearly identify their unique differentiator can win big. Another recent example of this is the partnership of March Networks, and Canada’s largest cannabis producer. An otherwise ordinary integrated-video security company, struck gold because of their end-to-end services that were unique to the cannabis industry. They clearly know the challenges associated with running a cannabis operation, especially in terms of legal regulation and compliance. And because they offered more than just security cameras, their service caught the attention of the industry it worked to attract.

An industry with room to grow

In 2015 alone, more than 230,000 new malware samples were produced each day in 2015. And over the last few years, several large companies have experienced dramatic breaches, resulting in millions of compromised personal data points. Worse yet, according to ADT, “The median time of compromise to discovery is a staggering 80 days with the average cost of data breach costing organizations $3.62 million.” This is perhaps one of the greater aspects of the new ADT acquisition. Alongside their booming brand image, they will be able to bolster the cybersecurity customer base in no time.

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