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What Is Underwriters Laboratories?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a third party safety inspection firm that verifies corporate compliance, sustainability, transparency, security and wellbeing in the business operations and products that it inspects. Being UL listed helps communicate reliability and communicate an extra layer of trust from the consumer perspective since its brand is directly connected with reliable products and services.

Why Is AvantGuard UL Certified?

AvantGuard maintains its UL certification in order to demonstrate compliance with industry standards and an adherence to safety and excellence. When it comes to protecting subscriber lives and property, there is nothing AvantGuard team members take more seriously. That is why AvantGuard has invested so much in developing such a high-strength redundancy infrastructure. Even if one of AvantGuard’s locations goes down because of a natural disaster or system failure, its secondary location will be able to handle the entire signal load.

How Does It Help AG Dealers?

Being UL certified is a disinterested demonstration of AvantGuard’s industry standard compliance and helps dealers rest assured that its claims are not empty. Although monitoring hundreds of thousands of subscribers every day doesn’t come without having a tried and true monitoring infrastructure, having the UL certification helps demonstrate that in a more universally understood way.

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