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Verified Action For Regulation Compliance


Responsible Alarm Management

Integrated video verification is not a new idea, but new technology is making it more effective than ever. Gone are the days where a security guard has to sit before a panel of monitors watching for suspicious activity. Now, technology like artificial intelligence and smart sensors help cameras, operators and law enforcement alike make better decisions and improve post-burglary investigations. Wholesale Video Monitoring also helps tackle issues related to false alarms and growing legislation, requiring verification of actual intrusions and emergencies.

Wholesale Video monitoring, when properly applied, improves the alarm management process much more effectively than when an operator has to resolve issues blindly. Integrated video technology connects cameras to the central station, allowing the operator to see the short period of time when the alarm or sensor was tripped. These short clips provide essential details and give greater insight for the human element in the central station.


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Greater Regulation Compliance

Perhaps one of the more valuable features integrated video offers is the ability for an operator to give a verified check to the dispatch operator when requesting police. A growing number of jurisdictions are requiring visual verification before sending police to investigate security alarms. It has been reported that 94-98 percent of security alarm calls are false, creating a staggering cost of nearly $2 billion each year for law enforcement agencies.

How AvantGuard Does Video Monitoring

As a leading wholesale alarm monitoring provider, AvantGuard is fully integrated with CHeKT, a video-verification integrator. This speeds up the intrusion-verification process and eliminates the possibility of false-dispatch fees from local law-enforcement. It is the leading technology provider on the market.

Video Monitoring 

Implementing wholesale video monitoring is a great way to:

  • Reduce false alarm dispatches
  • Provides operators visual verification
  • Helps comply with legislation