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Security Monitoring Sales Tips

Jul 29, 2020 8:00:00 AM

For sales representatives in the security monitoring industry, a lot of responsibility rests on their shoulders. As the sales team goes, the business will go. That’s not to belittle other departments (we’d all be in trouble if accounting suddenly stopped doing their jobs), but from a revenue standpoint, the sales team truly drives the bus. With COVID-19, many companies that relied on door-to-door sales alone have taken a financial hit. While door-to-door sales is a tried-and-true sales tactic, there’s plenty of other ways to gain leads.

Potential Leads

In the security industry, word of mouth goes a long way. But that will only take your business so far, and if your business is new to the industry, word of mouth doesn’t help much. Short of going around knocking on doors aimlessly (we don’t recommend that), there are many other resources to help bring in leads.

Police Stations

If any business in your local area knows about the areas that need security monitoring, your local police station is a great place to reach out. Through local police stations, you can view break-ins and other crime reports that could potentially give you an idea of hotbeds in your area that are primed for security installations.

After you determine those areas or addresses, you can then target your marketing efforts in those areas. You can send flyers, mailers and cold-call residents in those areas. If you want to get a little more technical, you can even target your digital advertising to those local areas via Google Adwords and other social media platforms. When you target your marketing to those hot-beds, you’re bound to have better chances at gathering quality leads.

Real Estate & Insurance Companies

Another plethora of potential cold leads can come from real estate and insurance companies. It is within your sales reps’ best interest to begin a relationship with local agents. They can be an endless pool of potential leads. Plus, real estate agents and insurance companies have their ears to the ground on the areas that are primed for security installations.

Builders Exchange (BX)

The builders exchange has an online portal where you can search new construction projects in your area. From here, you can really get the jump on potential residential as well as commercial and industrial cold leads. You can also find electrical and general contractors through the BX that are intending to place bids on the project.

Sales representatives should also seek out new building permit listing services. Again, this will get you a good head start on potential cold leads on possible new construction. Being the first at the door is a good thing.

After The Research

Any experienced sales representative will know that it’s time to get to work. After you’ve found your target cold leads, it’s time to start knocking on doors (even though the current pandemic is making it more difficult), sending mailers, flyers and following up with calls. With this new plethora of cold leads at your disposal, you’re sure to turn those into conversions.

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