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Medical Alert Monitoring Devices Pick Up Where Care Givers Leave Off

Jul 16, 2020 7:30:00 AM

Caregivers are arguably one of the most important factors in senior care. Without caregivers, seniors would have trouble living out the rest of their lives in a positive fashion. But caregivers have their own lives, too. That’s why the advancement in medical alert monitoring devices and senior care technology is equally as important for seniors living their best lives.

Technological Advancements in Senior Care

Caregivers might not always be there to give senior citizens assistance. Technology can help take the reins when a caregiver is not around. Here is some new tech that is helping senior citizens live healthy, full lives.

Smart Home Devices

“Alexa, turn on the lights” might seem like a command that doesn’t really have much importance, but to a senior citizen, it may drastically reduce the chances of them falling in their homes. Bad lighting is a leading cause of seniors tripping and falling in their homes. Devices such as smart lighting with voice AI has allowed them to take less risks in the dark, and keep their home well lit without them having to move in the dark to find the light switch.

Virtual Reality

Loneliness and depression can be two uphill battles that senior citizens face as they age. Thanks to virtual reality, there are now more tools to combat loneliness. Alcove VR is a virtual reality simulator focused on family connection. This simulator can help bring your loved ones all in the same room, as well as allow senior citizens to virtually explore the world. It’s a great tool for those who are looking for a connection to family, and the world, when getting around isn’t as easy anymore.

Virtual caregiving is another option to help fight the shortage of caregivers. Virtual caregiving such as Addison Care provides a 3D, virtual caregiver that can monitor health and behavior for seniors, as well as rehab routines and encourage mental health.


Having an animal can do wonders for mental health. Unfortunately, for senior citizens, the hands-on care it takes to care for an animal might not be an option. Robot companions can help build that companionship and do the same mentally for senior citizens that a regular animal would. Robot animals like Kiki by Zoetic, can use machine learning to understand the owner’s behavior and provide more companionship when their owners are feeling down.

What This Means For Medical Alert Monitoring Device Dealers

Dealers that can provide additional options to coincide with medical monitoring devices will build trust with their customers. You’ll be showing that you have the customer’s best interests in mind, and that overall, you care about their health, and not just selling them a device. Learn about additional caretaker options and how they can benefit their customers. This will give you a leg up when it comes time to offer medical alert monitoring devices.

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