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The AG Update: Ep. 40

Jan 17, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Ring fires four employees after accessing user data, how Utah's new food tax will affect monitoring services, and much more...

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  1. Ring Fires Four Employees After Accessing User Data
  2. How Utah's New Food Tax Will Affect Monitoring Services
  3. Hero Story


Ring Fires Four Employees After Accessing User Data

Ring, the Amazon-owned smart security company, has been under heavy scrutiny about its user data. After an incident in November 2019, senators question Ring’s security efforts. That is when Ring acknowledged that certain employees, who have since been terminated, were accessing much more data than their job required.

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How Utah's New Food Tax Will Affect Monitoring Services

In Utah, a new food tax bill has created quite a stir. The tax bill raises taxes for food and services from 1.75% to 4.85%.

However, it doesn’t stop there, nor is it limited to food. The other thing that will see an increase in taxes? Ride-share services, pet grooming, installation charges, products transferred electronically, and alarm system monitoring.

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Hero Story

When AvantGuard operator Melissa asked “Diane, do you need help?”, she heard a soft cry on the other line. Diane was in emotional distress and contemplating suicide.

After a few more questions, Melissa was able to send paramedics on the way to Diane’s home. Diane was in a lot of pain mentally but Melissa was able to relax her and keep her calm until paramedics arrived, saving her life.

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