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What is The Purpose of The Monitoring Association

Jan 16, 2020 8:00:00 AM

The Monitoring Association has been around since 1950 and represents professional monitoring companies––from UL listed, FM Global to unlisted companies––in the industry. The Monitoring Association looks to reduce false alarms, develop better performance standards and works with other committees to overall improve the security sector.

A Brief History of The Monitoring Association

In 1950, The Monitoring Association was established as the Central Station Electrical Protection Association in Illinois. It went under that name for 39 years to 1989 when the association changed its name to Central Station Alarm Association. In 2017, it was yet again rebranded to The Monitoring Association.

What Does The Monitoring Association Do?

The Monitoring Association represents members before congress and agencies on three levels: state, local and federal. Beyond that, The Monitoring Association aims to reduce false alarms, develop better standards for performance and promote fair competition through telecommunication laws and regulations.

Some of the standards that TMA has created include the 5 Diamond Award. This is an award for excellence given to monitoring centers that maintain and uphold the highest levels of technology standards and practices.

In order to achieve these goals, the Monitoring Association works with law enforcement, the National Fire Association and other associations to ensure that these groups have their needs met. The Monitoring Association also helps lobby congress and the FCC for the benefit of its members.

TMA also engages and educates the next generation of security leadership through the TMANextGen program. This program utilizes young professionals to engage with others about new career opportunities in the security industry and recognizes rising stars in businesses within the security industry. TMANextGen program has a list of upcoming events that can be found here.

What Are The Benefits of Being a TMA Member?

TMA keeps the interests of all sectors in the security monitoring industry in mind. Not only do they do this through congress, but by also promoting the exchange of information to its members, which include the best business practices and emerging technology. This gives TMA members a competitive edge over those alarm monitoring companies that are not members. If your security monitoring company is looking to get involved with TMA and become a member, you can apply here.

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