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Tech Saturday: Smart Doorbell Alternatives

Jan 18, 2020 11:30:00 AM

Ring doorbells and cameras are widely used and widely known. However, with their growing cyber-security risks, new alternatives are beginning to look better than ever. Here are six smart camera alternatives that are as good, if not better, than Ring.


With many different styles of doorbell cameras, the three that make this list are Nest, SkyBell, and August.


Nest Hello is owned by Google, which makes it a great option for a plug and play security doorbell. It offers nearly complete integration to any smart home. While it may be slightly more costly than the standard Ring doorbell, the price is worth it. Ring only records at 1280x720p, but Nest recordings at 1600x1200p. Further, we see a similar set of features to Ring. Both cameras have night vision, 160-degree vision, and utilize two-way audio.



Both the Ring and Skybell offer HD video, two-way audio, and motion detection. However, Skybell gives an even greater viewing angle of 180-degrees compared to Ring’s 160-degrees. Skybell’s cameras integrate with Honeywell and Nest products and offer free cloud storage for a week after purchase and installation.



As you may recall, August is producing amazing technology in terms of smart home security. This doorbell camera is no different. It boasts 1280x920p and is compatible with the August smart lock. It only offers a 140-degree field of view and is worth noting that it suffered security issues in 2018, but that those have since been resolved.



Aside from doorbells, we’ll be taking a look at interior security cameras. The Arlo Pro, Wyze Cam Pan, and the Canary all-in-one.


The Arlo Pro is versatile. It works indoors and outdoors, and is completely wireless. It’s easy to set up and integrate with your smart home as well, making it hard to resist. However, it is known to have a motion detector that is overly-sensitive and requires a base station that is a little bit pricey to install.



You may have not heard of Wyze before, but for a $30 camera like the Wyze Cam Pan, they’re hard to miss. It covers 360-degrees in any room (making the complete rotation in under 3 seconds), offers motion tracking, and is fairly small. The downside? It has a power cord, so placing it can be inconvenient.



The Canary all-in-one combines a lot of security features, such as alarms and environmental sensors, into a security camera. It is Alexa compatible and features learning AI that adjusts to your habits and routine. The Canary also boasts a direct connection to emergency services, but requires a monthly subscription for access to all of the features.


As smart homes become more popular, cyber security attacks can happen to anyone, with any kind of smart device––not just Ring. Make sure you are following the proper security measures to keep you, your business and your family secure. Reach out to AvantGuard to see how we can further protect your lifestyle.

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