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Tech Saturday: A Look at the August Smart Lock

Nov 30, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Last week, Tech Saturday was about a system that protects you after-the-fact. This week, it’s time to take a look at something to help prevent instead of react. Smart locks are beginning to become more and more popular (no more making keys for roommates, friends, and family). This Tech Saturday we take a look at the August Smart Lock.

What Separates This Smart Lock from Others?

Variety of Colors of Smart Locks

First, this lock operates using your smartphone’s Bluetooth or from its app. While that mechanic is very similar to other smart locks, August stands out with its ability to create virtual guest keys. This means you can grant access to certain people on a multi-day, multi-hour, or time-of-day basis. This keeps those physical keys far away from the underside of the welcome mat, as the key is now a unique digital stamp.

To further separate itself in the world of digital locks, the app also provides the user with a complete, time-stamped log of who has entered the home. If something sketchy happened and you weren’t around, you’ll know who to ask first.

Next, the smart lock creates a custom geofence around your house. The days of being rushed and forgetting to “lock-up” are gone. The instant your phone moves out of that boundary, the lock automatically… well… locks.App of the August Smart Lock

This Sounds Too Good to be True, What’s the Catch?

The August Smart Lock doesn’t have tendencies to be hacked, or have issues with wear and tear. The only true downside is the price. When you buy top of the line, you’ll really be paying for it, too.

For just the smart lock, you’ll be looking at a price tag of about $149. However, if you don’t buy the WiFi bridge as well, you won’t have access to the app. This means you lose out on a bunch of the features that really make this lock stand out.

But don’t worry, for another $79 you can purchase the WiFi Bridge, or buy them in a package together for $199. For more information and pricing on the August Smart Lock, visit their website here.

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