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The AG Update: Ep. 28

Oct 11, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Google car safety app, security industry changes, central station software, and more...

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  1. Google Car Safety App
  2. Security Industry Changes
  3. Central Station Software


Google Car Safety App

Google is working on a Personal Safety app, which will be integrated with car crash detection. It will use GPS, motion sensors, and ambient audio from the microphone to detect whether a crash has occurred. Once detecting a crash, an alarm will sound, and the app will call 911 if no response is given.

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Security Industry Changes

The security industry is always changing, and Cybersecurity is the fastest emerging trend, and will continue to be a selling-point for both physical products and software. Cloud-based security platforms are becoming more available as the industry is moving towards the mobile landscape.

Biometric sensors are becoming popular. These use fingerprints or eye scanners to access buildings, making them more secure than a keycard. All together, these trends are important to keep an eye on for a successful business.

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Central Station Software

Central station software is key for monitoring companies. When choosing an automation software for your central station, it’s important to look for action plans, auto processes, and API extensibility. Action plans consist of scripts that are automated and created for operators to read when a signal comes in, allowing for consistent service to every customer.

Auto processes can be used to determine whether an alarm is real or not without interaction from an operator. APIs have the ability to document every single action within the software, which can provide dealers access to the type of alarms received and the event history.

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