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What to Look For in Central Station Software

Oct 3, 2019 8:02:00 AM

Central station software is key for all central station monitoring companies to have success. It helps eliminate guesswork from operators, and provides customers with consistent and reliable service on every call. So, what should you look for when choosing an automation software for your central station?

Action Plans

Action plans help operators do their job more consistently and accurately. Action plans consist of scripts that are automated and created for operators to read when a signal (alarm) comes to the central station. These scripts allow a third-party alarm monitoring center to deliver consistent service to each customer. It also eliminates guesswork because it provides a script for the operator to say in highly stressful situations. These action plans guide an operator through every decision to ensure quality service to customers. This creates predictable end results from unpredictable situations. If you are looking for central station software, action plans with customizable action scripts are essential.

Auto Processes

One of the biggest issues of alarm verification is false alarms. False alarms account for the majority of incoming signals an alarm monitoring center. An influx of false alarms can clutter an operator’s queue. This is where auto processes can make a huge difference for not only operators, but for customers.

Depending on the type of signal that comes to the central station, an auto process can be configured to send out SMS (text messages), IVR (interactive voice recordings), and even group chats to help verify if an alarm is real or not. The user can quickly verify the signal without interaction from an operator. This not only declutters an operator’s queue, and provides easy verification for customers, it also allows for operators to focus on the most important signals, and respond to those customers faster and more efficiently.

API Extensibility

API is a great dealer service tool to provide dealers with a plethora of useful information. APIs have the ability to document every single action within the software. This API documentation can provide dealers access to the types of alarm signals being received, contact information, event history, alarm status, and more. This information can be extremely valuable for dealers if they choose to plug into the APIs. And it provides great access to central monitoring software for dealers.

Central station software helps your operators, dealers, and the central station overall. Download our white paper on The Effect of Advanced Central Station Automation on Alarm Factor Scores to see how the right automation software can improve your central station’s overall numbers.

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