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Top Security Market Trends

Oct 2, 2019 8:02:00 AM

The security industry is always changing. As the landscape shifts, it’s important to stay on top of trends, so you can keep your business updated and relevant, so your company can stay profitable.

As you can imagine, with the ever-growing importance of data protection, a large emphasis on cyber security is the biggest trend, and will continue to expand. Other top security trends in the industry are biometric authentication equipment and video analytics. Let’s take a look at some of the top trends for the security market in the coming year.

Cyber Security

Data hacking is one of the biggest threats to all companies, and will continue to be as IoT (Internet of Things) evolves. Especially considering that many of the home market trends have been shifting more and more to cloud-based technology – everything is interconnected.

Products Boasting Cyber Security Technologies

Since everything is interconnected, manufacturers are putting more emphasis to include more cyber security into their products. Late last year a Nest security camera was breached by a hacker, showing just how vulnerable some technology is.

What does this mean? You’ll start to see more and more security products boast their cyber security attributes. It will be a selling-point for both physical products and software.

Businesses Will Look For Partners With More Cyber Security Certifications

New laws have been written to hold businesses accountable for cyber security and data breaches. Because of this, heavier consequences now rest on businesses to protect its customers. This is causing businesses to reevaluate its current cyber security systems, plan, and infrastructure. Companies will now start to look for partners who have certifications like the UL 2900-2-3 L3 Cybersecurity Readiness Certification.

Cloud-Based Services

We have already started to see an influx of cloud-based security platforms as the industry is moving towards the mobile landscape. There are already numerous applications that a consumer can download to access their security systems through their mobile devices.

This will call for security teams to increase their expertise, systems, and tools to grasp this changing environment. Monitoring centers like AvantGuard have already embraced this changing landscape and have implemented cloud monitoring services to its monitoring platform.

Biometric Authentication

Companies and even schools are starting to ditch keycards and fobs with biometric data. This is taking a page out of Apple’s book, or every action movie that you’ve seen since the 90’s. Instead of using keycards to get in and out of buildings, companies and establishments are using fingerprints, and even eye scanners. Biometric sensors makes building far more secure. It renders breaking in almost impossible, unless you are in a Mission Impossible movie.

All Things Video

Video is the linchpin of the security industry. We are seeing newer, faster, and more reliable video technology, and that trend is going to continue. Central station monitoring companies are looking to install newer and more intelligent video capabilities.

Facial recognition technology is one that has had plenty of controversy around it, but the advanced security potential cannot be ignored. Places like the Atlanta airport have already implemented this technology. Facial recognition could eliminate verification time for third-party alarm monitoring centers, reduce false alarms, and provide better detection capabilities for security monitoring companies.


The security industry is growing and will continue to grow. As the industry grows and moves towards more cloud-based and data driven security solutions, central station monitoring companies need to bulk up data security, and partner with reliable data protection services. AvantGuard is one of the most reliable and secure monitoring companies in the industry. Reach out to see what AvantGuard can do for your alarm business.

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