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Sep 11, 2019 8:02:00 AM

If your company has any type of commercial driving element involved in the day-to-day operations, you should be investing in fleet monitoring. Fleet Monitoring is much more than locating your vehicles and tracking mileage. It can drastically improve the efficiency of your company’s operations, improve relationships between your drivers and management, and increase your companies profits.

What is Fleet Monitoring?

Fleet monitoring is a way for you to track, and manage any commercial vehicle in your company. Most people associate fleet monitoring with tracking the location of vehicles while they are out on the road, but fleet monitoring is much more about creating efficiency, than it is about location. There are a handful of benefits to implementing fleet monitoring into your operation.

Increased Productivity

Fleet monitoring can help you manage your driver’s routes and work hours. This can help you come up with the most efficient routes to take when your drivers are out on call. For example, alarm companies dispatch technicians for service calls. Managing your driver’s route can help the technician be on-time for service calls, which increases customer satisfaction.

You can also see how long your drivers have been on the road. This is especially important for anyone who drives through the night for work. Making sure your driver’s are getting enough rest, and are off the road when they need to be is extremely important to their safety, and the safety of others. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 840 truck drivers were killed on the road in 2018. Driver safety is a real concern, and should be taken seriously.

Driver Safety

Aside from the obvious safety benefits of taking a driver off the road when they are roadweary, it can also benefit drivers to get assistance when they need it immediately. Fleet monitoring alerts you when a car has broken down due to engine trouble, or if the driver has been in an accident. You can send roadside assistance immediately since you have GPS location of the vehicle.

Reduce Fuel Costs

For trucking companies, the average truck consumes $70,000 dollars a year, per If you have more than 14 trucks in your fleet, that is over a million dollars in fuel costs alone. Fleet monitoring can help you track vehicle idling, and how the vehicle is being driven. This allows you to give drivers the proper training on how to drive company vehicles to help reduce the cost of fuel.

Vehicle Maintenance

Tracking the miles on each vehicle in your fleet helps you stay on top of maintenance. When you can stay ahead of maintenance on your vehicles, you can reduce the amount of breakdowns while drivers are out on the road. This increases drivers safety and increases your company’s overall productivity.

Taking advantage of emerging technologies will help your business become more efficient and profitable. IoT is changing the way we operate our business.  Third-party alarm monitoring and central station monitoring companies can offer services including fleet monitoring to livestock monitoring.  AvantGuard understands this, and is to help monitor your business in an ever-changing world. Read out if you’d like more information on IoT monitoring.

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