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Choosing The Best Video Verification Platform For Your Business

Sep 12, 2019 8:02:00 AM

Choosing a video platform for your security system can be a daunting task. Finding one that is compatible with your system, cost effective, and provides you with all the features you want is a time consuming venture. That’s why we have listed four of the best video verification systems on the market. Some cater towards large businesses while some are better for small businesses and residents. Either way, here you’ll get a good sense of what video verification platform will work for your business.

AXIS Guardian

AXIS Guardian is a cloud based video verification service that is designed to fully integrate with central stations to streamline the flow of video signal management. It also provides the consumer with an easy to use web based platform and mobile app to view live feeds. The cloud based system can handle 16 to 32 cameras per location, which is perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

Businesses tend to need video storage. AXIS offers a handful of cloud based storage plans for video retention. You can choose between, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, and 120 days of video retention.

One of the big drawbacks AXIS Guardian is it is only compatible with AXIS cameras. Other systems allow you to use different cameras from different manufactures, and it will still work within the system. Here is a full list of AXIS compatible cameras. can be thought of as a one-stop shop for residential and small business customers. It is more than just a video verification system. It can also be your alarm system, as well as integrate and control all of your smart devices throughout your home. That alone makes it a popular choice for end users. It can serve as an ecosystem for your home, controlling everything from security to turning lights on and off.

Through the app, you can view live video from your security system. It can also create “smart clips” which is a video clip of anytime someone disarms or sets off the alarm. The back-end video analytics helps enhance your security by sending notifications to you when motion is detected, which enhances your security. can monitor up to 32 cameras. If you have existing cameras at your home, you can still use them with It is compatible with both wireless and analog cameras. This makes great for both residential and small business customers.

I-View Now

I-View Now provides a platform that is compatible with a lot of different cameras and other various platforms. This makes it great for customers that already have an existing camera system in place, or monitoring stations that want to implement a new cloud based video verification platform without having to install additional equipment.

This cloud based platform is compatible with nine of the leading monitoring platforms, and over 28 video integrations. That makes it one of the most compatible video platforms on the market. The compatibility alone makes it a no brainer for large businesses that don’t want to swap out a ton of already installed software and equipment.

Unlike, I-View Now is a cloud based video platform. The residential customer won’t be able to link their smart home systems to the platform. That being said, residential customers can still see live video feed of their system through This web based platform allows you to stay connected to your home security while you aren’t around. I-View Now has something for everybody, and is good for both residential and large businesses.


CHeKT is unique in that it uses a special hardware component called the CHeKT Bridge to link existing cameras to the video verification system. The CHeKT Bridge is compatible with just about any camera that uses the ONVIF Profile (S) protocol. Most cameras adopted this standard in 2016, so most current cameras should be compatible. You can view full compatibility list here.

The CHeKT Bridge is a small box about the size of the computer mouse that can connect up to four cameras in a system to the CHeKT platform. What’s nice about The Bridge is you can virtually install it anywhere in a system. The Bridge will send signals to the panel, so you don’t have to run wires from cameras to the panel. If you have more than four cameras in your system, you can connect as many bridges as you need to a system.

For monitoring stations, when an alarm signal is sent, The Bridge creates the video clip of the event, and sends it to the alarm portal for operators to view and verify the signal. All of this happens within two seconds of the event happening. This helps verify alarms quickly. You can view a more in-depth breakdown of the video portal here. The CHeKT Bridge is a great way to integrate a video monitoring platform to your already existing system.

Each video monitoring platform above are great choices, especially for those with existing systems. It depends on the size of your system and your personal wants and needs. In another article, we’ve broken down how central monitoring stations monitor video to provide more information on why video verification platforms are so important. AvantGuard integrates with all four of these great video platforms, to ensure we provide you with the best service possible.

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