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The AG Update: Ep. 29

Oct 18, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Social media marketing strategies, central station redundancy, new fall detection technologies, and more...

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  1. Social Media Marketing Strategies For Alarm Companies
  2. Is Your Central Station Truly Redundant
  3. Newest Technologies in Fall Detection


Social Media Marketing Strategies For Alarm Companies

Social media presents a big opportunity for you to influence your audience outside of direct customer service. Consider how keyword usage and hashtags will promote your brand and help make you more noticeable, and stay aware of your customer’s needs by being active on social media.

As connecting through the Internet is becoming more common, it’s important for companies to maintain an online presence to stay up to date.

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Is Your Central Station Truly Redundant

Did you know that a simple power outage could render a central station useless without redundancy? To prevent that, automated technologies use backup power generators to run the facility.

Telecommunications such as internet, phone lines, and receivers are important to transfer because it’s how a central station communicates with its subscribers. Also, having a fully staffed secondary station will help transition your client base without any interruption in case of an emergency.  

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Newest Technologies in Fall Detection

Pendants are still the most common fall detection devices on the market today, but some new devices are emerging that allow for a more modern approach. Apple, for example, uses hardware that detects falls in its new Series 5 watch. Hearing aids are one of the most accurate places for fall detection, and since they combine two features, it helps eliminate people forgetting to wear their device.

Going beyond wearables, the company Vayyar has created a wall-mounted product that detects a fall using radar-based 3D imaging.

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