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How To Get Stages Central Station Automation Software

Alex Flitton
Sep 12, 2018 8:05:00 AM

So you already know how important central station automation software is, and you’ve done some decent investigation into the available platforms. Perhaps in your investigation, you found out how robust the Stages platform is, and you want it, but you can’t have it because you don’t have the funding or the subscriber base to get it. That’s where a hybrid partnership comes in.

What Is Stages Central Station Automation Software?

Stages is a world-class automation “ecosystem,” that provides the most advanced capabilities a central station would ever need. It has advanced API capabilities that makes integrated with peripheral technologies much simpler. It’s automated action plans, processing and interactive capabilities set it apart from other monitoring automation platforms in the market. Yet, even with all the capabilities it boasts, it’s cloud-based solutions provide unparalleled utility in partnership scenarios.

How A Hybrid Monitoring Partnership Works

Because of it’s cloud-based capabilities, Stages makes hybrid monitoring partnerships possible. In a hybrid partnership, companies with in-house monitoring operations can outsource the least economical aspects of their operation without having to sacrifice the secret ingredients found with their in-house service team. Aspects such as alarm-specific information technology like receivers and phone circuits can be outsourced to the monitoring partner. In return, companies gain instant access to the Stages automation platform and a hot-redundant monitoring infrastructure, both of which require a significant subscriber base to gain.

Instant Central Station Redundancy

One of the most appealing aspects of outsourcing your monitoring technologies is it gives your alarm-based operation instant access to redundancy. Instead of having to spend the man-hours, stress and money required to develop a hot-redundant infrastructure, you can simply hire a company to do it all for you. In a White Paper on Alternative Redundancy Options, it demonstrates that the average executive spends about a third of their time working on, thinking about, and stressing over their monitoring technology. Instead of operating on a long-term, strategic level, executives in these positions are most likely working on day-to-day tasks, inhibiting their productive output. A hybrid partnership relieves the associated burden in a central station and provides the resources of a world-class central station to a growing company.

Additional Perks

On top of gaining industry-leading redundancy and a world-class automation platform, a hybrid partnership helps companies gain a five diamond certification from the Monitoring Association (TMA). It also gives companies access to many of the monitoring partner’s additional resources. The growing standard for alarm-management companies is to provide a chat-based platform for subscribers to collaborate on signals. Chat-based technology helps reduce false alarms, decrease event-management times and improve subscriber response rates. As each year passes, fewer people answer their phones and reduce the effectiveness of traditional phone calls.

So, if you want technologies that make for the best alarm monitoring and don’t want to completely get rid of your in-house operation, a hybrid monitoring partnership is an option you should evaluate.

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