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Hybrid Monitoring Helps You Get 5 Diamond Certified

Alex Flitton
Apr 4, 2018 6:23:17 PM

Distinguishing your business from the competition can be difficult. It's a process that requires a special attention to detail and clever wordsmithing. Yet, if your central station had unique reputation builders, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about reinventing your business. That’s exactly what certifications such as a UL listing or TMA 5 Diamond can do for you. However, to achieve these certifications, a central station has to fit rigorous requirements. Meeting these standards means making hefty investments in new technology and reinventing your operations processes. Although, what if you didn't have to be 100% responsible for meeting these requirements?

TMA five diamond logo

Here is the list of commitments a monitoring company makes to fit the bill:

TMA 5 diamond commitments

Although the rules in this list may seem broad, the details get pretty sticky. If a dealer wants to get 5-diamond certified, but doesn't have the infrastructure to get there, a hybrid monitoring partnership will help. In a hybrid scenario, an alarm provider has the unique privilege of piggybacking the monitoring partner’s existing infrastructure. They get to draft off a partner’s momentum, beating competitors to the finish line with energy to spare.

Leveraging a hybrid partnership does even more than offer hot redundancy and industry-leading automation software. It also helps get you into the exclusive clubs only industry behemoths previously got into. Such unique reputation builders inspire greater confidence from potential subscribers and will help you retain them longer once they are signed. 

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