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What Technologies Make For The Best Alarm Monitoring?

Alex Flitton
Jul 31, 2018 8:05:00 AM

Having the right technologies for the best alarm monitoring is essential to providing effective service to subscribers. Today’s market is becoming increasingly reliant upon new technology that can withstand virtual and natural attacks. Therefore, a variety of items must be accounted for. And, on top of that, subscribers want a positive service experience that will make them want to stay longer.

Central Station Automation Software

The first essential element of an effective monitoring center is automation software. When a central station only monitors a few thousand subscribers, this feature may not be as necessary, but at scale, customizing each call and reacting differently causes confusion and dramatically increases the amount of time each signal will take to be resolved. When hundreds of signals are processed every hour, a central station would be crippled without it.

Effective automation software should provide the following features:

  • Natural Disaster Partition (Storm Queue)
  • Scripts For Efficient, Consistent Service
  • Integrations For Peripheral Software

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Hot Redundancy

When disasters strike, having a backup plan is not a choice. That’s why central stations should be equipped to instantly failover to a secondary site in the event of an unexpected outage or natural disaster. The tricky part? Redundancy has become a watered-down term that is used to describe a variety of setups used by central stations of all sizes. So, a trusted monitoring partner should have the following:

  • Instant Failover System
  • Geographically Separate Locations
  • Firewalls
  • Redundant Power Sources

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SMS Event Management

As consumer trends evolve and communication standards follow suit, monitoring centers should be equipped to provide SMS event management technology. Imagine reducing false dispatches, improving response times up to 90%, and reaching out to every member on an account at the exact same time. Group chats can make all that happen, and it’s simply because text messages are far more effective than traditional calls. SMS event management technology provides the following benefits:

  1. Decrease False Dispatches
  2. Get Dispatch Out Faster
  3. Communicate Conveniently
  4. Send Simultaneous Alerts
  5. Make Informed Decisions
  6. Verify More Effectively

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Caller ID Injection

When consumers receive calls from someone they don’t know, they won’t answer. It’s a simple as that. That’s why Caller ID Injection is essential in today’s market. When it is implemented, customers are more likely to answer the phone if the name that appears on the caller ID is someone they know. And, It helps dealers professionalize their brand and overall image.

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Hybrid Monitoring

For central stations who want to have all of the features mentioned above, but cannot afford to invest in them, there are still options available. AvantGuard provides alternative partnership options to dealers who want to keep their central station and augment their existing technology capabilities. Dealers in these types of partnerships are able to:

  1. Gain Hot Redundancy
  2. Reduce Investment Costs
  3. Keep Bragging Rights
  4. Reduce Stress
  5. Get UL and 5 Diamond Certified
  6. Save Executive Time

Interested in exploring alternative partnership options? Learn More About Hybrid Monitoring and how it can help your alarm business.

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