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AvantGuard To Host 6th Annual 5K For Families In Need

Alex Flitton
Aug 1, 2018 8:05:00 AM

Each year, AvantGuard team members nominate families in the area who are facing financial strain from medical issues. The members of the committee then select one family from each area to run for. You have a chance to join and help make a difference. 

Because We CARE

“These are most often young families who may not have financial stability, or clear answers to a really difficult situation,” said AvantGuard president, Justin Bailey. “Our goal is to provide as much support as possible to the families by gathering community support and by donating the money we raise from race registrations and sponsorships.”

This year AvantGuard is holding the event to benefit the Thurgood family, specifically Leo Thurgood. Leo is the son of Josh and Jenn Thurgood. He is considered an “O” baby, meaning he was born with an Omphalocele, a thin layered sac that contained his liver outside of his body.

In addition to the complications from his Omphalocele, Leo also has holes in his heart and a possible hernia. Support from this race will help his parents pay for the care he needs and gather community support for his family.

AG Run For A Reason

Now in its sixth year of operation, the “AG Run For A Reason” has grown a vibrant culture among the AvantGuard team and community members. Last year, the combined races donated over $5,500 to the beneficiary families. This year, organizers are hopeful that the race will continue to grow.

“As a service organization we wanted to create a company-wide event that looked beyond our team and into the community,” said Justin Bailey. “The 5K race allows every member of the AvantGuard team to participate in whatever way they are able and to build deeper connections to each other and the community. We want to show that we truly care.”

Race Details

The Ogden race takes place September 15, 2018 behind the AvantGuard building - 4699 Harrison Blvd, Ogden, Utah, 84403.

Registrations and Donations for the Ogden race can be made at:

The Ogden Facebook Event can be found HERE


The Rexburg race takes place September 22, 2018 at Evergreen Park - 766 Lodgepole St, Rexburg, ID 83440.

Registrations and Donations for the Rexburg race can be made at:

The Rexburg Facebook event can be found HERE

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