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What Makes Working For AvantGuard Different

Mar 4, 2021 8:00:00 AM

There’s nothing quite like working for a company that empowers you to be the best version of yourself, and also help others in the process. What makes AvantGuard different (in the best way possible) to work for is we collectively work towards making a difference in the lives of the customers we serve, our community and our employees. It is ingrained in our culture. And we have a lot of fun doing it!

What Makes AvantGuard Different

The work we do is fulfilling. We are the ones who protect the lives and property of our customers. We know, we know, that sounds a little… intense. But we have the best trainers and our training program will get you prepared to handle any situation and become the absolute best in our industry at what we do.

It’s Not All About Work

There are many reasons AvantGuard was named a Top Workplace by the Salt Lake City Tribune the last two years. And although we dedicate ourselves to serving our customers, we also have plenty of fun when we’re off the clock. Check out our end of the year video to catch a glimpse of the events and fun we have around the office:


At AvantGuard, “work” also means giving back to others in our community who may need a little extra support. You may have noticed people running and exercising in the video. We host an annual 5K fundraiser every year to help a family in the local community with a sick child’s medical bills. We also donate toys to the Christmas Box so the less fortunate could have a great holiday as well. “Work” here at AvantGuard can be more fulfilling than your average job.

Taking Care of Our Own

We are dedicated to service, but we are also dedicated to taking care of our employees. We understand that everybody’s schedule is different, and especially if you are a student whose schedule can really be a challenge to balance. We offer flexible hours for our employees to help strike a healthy work, life balance.

Current students will appreciate our tuition reimbursement program. If you work more than 20+ hours a week, you’re eligible. And while you’re at work, we have a free snack wall and ping pong tables in our breakroom. (Warning: there are some real ping pong wizards that work at AvantGuard.)

We also understand that hard times can fall on anyone. The AG Employee Program (The AG Cares Foundation) helps relieve some of the pressure of a sudden financial hardship. Employees can choose to have a few dollars taken from each paycheck to go into the emergency fund. The funds are then distributed to team members who experience financial emergencies. In 2020, the Employee Contribution Program raised more than $42,000. That’s what makes AvantGuard different — we say we take care of our own, and truly mean it.

A Different Place to Work

Whether you work part time, or if your part time gig at AvantGuard turns into a career, once you work for AvantGuard, we want you to succeed and will provide you the necessary resources to get there, all while you’re making a real difference in the lives of others. As you can see, AG is a little bit of a different workplace, but in the best way possible.

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