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AvantGuard Announces Upgrades to AG App

Mar 9, 2021 1:27:37 PM

Innovation is part of our We Care F.I.R.S.T. values. AG constantly looks for ways to make life easier for you and your customers, and that means looking for ways to improve upon the tools and technology we offer. And that’s what these upgrades to the AG App are all about — making it easier for you to do your job with intuitive new features and functionality.

The AG App

The AvantGuard App delivers a simple account testing solution for your business. It lets you test thousands of accounts every month. You can view accounts by location with Google Maps integration, test a zone, or an entire account. You can customize testing by time, zone, or category. It also provides you with a detailed test history, and much more, providing helpful insights and saving your technicians’ valuable time.    

Here’s what’s new:  

  • Account information now shows contacts and phone numbers
  • You can now edit Prem and Alt prem phone numbers
  • Stages and AG App now sync when system is placed on test
  • Improved filter and search functionality
  • Improved map functionality 

The AG App is better than ever. There is no cost to activate or use this service, and it can save your technicians time and relieve hassle when testing accounts. We invite you to give it a try.

Download: Google Play Store

Download: Apple App Store

 And if you have any questions, our Dealer Care team is ready to help.

Dealer Care
(866) 880–9591

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