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AvantGuard Announces New CEO

Mar 16, 2021 2:08:22 PM

There’s a lot of exciting news brewing at AvantGuard. We are thrilled to announce that Steve Richards has joined Becklar, our parent company, as the new CEO. This comes during a time of unprecedented growth for AG and our sister company, Freeus.

New Chief Executive Officer

Steve Richards is an experienced CEO who has led numerous publicly traded and private companies of meaningful scale. He is known for systemically driving growth through a proven series of organic and acquisition-driven initiatives. His track record includes experience across technology, media, communications, business process outsourcing, and recurring services firms, marked by a consistent history for driving transformational growth and exceptional client service.

Josh Garner, our founder and former CEO, has assumed the role of Executive Chairman of the Company’s board of directors. He will continue to be actively involved in Becklar’s strategic growth and direction going forward.

Rapid Growth

This is an exciting time for our new CEO to join the Becklar family. Both AvantGuard and Freeus have been hitting record milestones at their respective companies.

AvantGuard just exceeded 900,000 subscribers and is rapidly approaching the one million subscribers mark – a goal that was initially anticipated for 2023. In conjunction with serving a rapidly rising subscriber base, AG reached record revenue and profits during the month of February.

At Freeus, our sister company, they achieved record revenues in February, along with record subscriber levels, and record sales for devices sold last month.

And with those accomplishments, Becklar achieved record subscriber levels and record revenues and profits for the month. We can all be highly proud of these new levels of attainment, and the individual and team accomplishments they represent!

Looking to the Future

The future is bright for AvantGuard, Freeus and Becklar. As our businesses grow, we look forward to providing the absolute best service to you and your customers with a commitment to finding new and better ways to serve you and help your business grow.

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