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AvantGuard Named SLC Tribune Top Workplace in 2020

Dec 10, 2020 10:00:00 AM

The Salt Lake Tribune recently recognized AvantGuard as the #1 Top Utah Workplace for a midsized company in 2020. AvantGuard President, Justin Bailey, also won the Trusted Leader award in the midsized company category. AvantGuard puts a lot of time, emphasis and care into its workplace culture. We truly believe that the great work of our employees is the reason AvantGuard continues to grow and be successful.

How AvantGuard Received the Top Workplace Award

The recipients of a SLC Trib Top Workplace award are determined by the employees of the company. A workplace survey is sent out to the employees in the company and measures 15 culture drivers that are broken into four themes.

When a company scores well on in these measures, it indicates a healthy workplace resulting in happier employees and more business success. And that is exactly what is happening here at AvantGuard: rapid growth thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of its employees.

What This Means for AvantGuard

It is always nice to be recognized for achievements. But beyond having recognition as a Top Workplace, the award goes a long way in helping AvantGuard continue to hire incredibly talented, empathetic and engaged operators, as well as exceptional leadership, to help our company continue to grow, and grow with ingenuity and integrity. Research has shown that companies with strong employer brands not only amplifies a company’s ability to hire top talent, but also reduces the cost of hiring by 50%. This is through higher productivity rates and higher rates of retention thanks to a positive, uplifting culture.

AvantGuardians Should Be Proud

This award says as much about our employees as it does the company as a whole. It goes full circle: without the hard work and dedication from our employees, we would not be in a position to continue to be leaders in the monitoring industry, helping keep people and their property safe. Through that hard work and dedication, we are able to provide a positive culture for our employees to thrive in.

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