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Two AvantGuard Employees Win TMA 2020 Excellence Awards

Jun 18, 2020 11:15:46 AM

The driving force behind AvantGuard’s success is its team members. Without the hard work and incredible dedication from teams such as our operators and dealer care, AvantGuard certainly wouldn’t be as successful as it is today.

TMA Excellence Awards

There are over 2,700 central station operating centers in the United States, which means there are thousands of operators and dealer care representatives throughout the industry. Of all those possible candidates, two of AvantGuard’s own, won awards yesterday at the virtual presentation of the TMA Excellence Awards.

Gavin Butterfield, a dealer care representative since 2017, and AG employee since 2010, won the 2020 Support Person of the Year award. Gavin started out as an operator and worked in operations for seven years before moving over to the dealer care department. In both departments, he has shown incredible hard work and being the best example of a team player. About the award, Butterfield said, “Winning this award caught me by surprise, as I was not aware of being nominated. I thought team members were playing a prank on me until more people started to reach out and tell me congratulations.” He continued, “I feel honored to win an award like this, and to be a part of the amazing team, and a company that treats its employees like a family.

Amanda Edmunds has been an operator at AvantGuard since 2018. She won the 2020 Operator of the Year award. Amanda has a perfect attendance record, time to first action, quality assurance score and the best average handle time score. She has achieved all of this success while being a student at Weber State University. Her accomplishments are nothing short of incredible. About the award, Edmunds said, “The award sure came as a surprise knowing all the great people I associate with. I absolutely love working for AG and being a part of a team that helps ensure the safety of everyone we speak with.”

The leadership at AvantGuard couldn’t be happier for Gavin and Amanda, and want to express their appreciation for their hard work and dedication to service. Truly, without their hard work, AvantGuard wouldn’t be the company that it is today.

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