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The AG Update: Ep. 44

Feb 14, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Google’s advanced protection program being released on the iPhone, discussing if Ring cameras are really worth the risk, the additional benefits of fall monitoring and much more!

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  1. Google's Advanced Protection Program Releases for iPhone  
  2. Is Ring Worth it?
  3. The Additional Benefits of Fall Monitoring


Google's Advanced Protection Program Releases for iPhone

Previously, Google’s Advanced protection program was only available to Android Users. However, google has now extended its use to the iPhone platform.

This adds a layer of protection by adding a biometric multi factor authentication process to your phone. Instead of just using your phone's native thumbprint or facial scanner, you can add a layer of voice recognition security as well.

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Is Ring Worth it?

Is Ring worth it? I’m sure you’ve seen us writing about all of the recent hacks and public scrutiny that Ring has gone through. Ring is an affordable and easy option for home security.

However, is the convenience and low price worth the risk? With Ring in some hot water, it’s important to reassess your home security measures.

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The Additional Benefits of Fall Monitoring

Fall monitoring devices are often thought of as strictly to protect senior citizens in the event of an accident or fall. But there are many more scenarios where a mobile PERS device can save someone’s life.

Two-way mPERS devices have applications in the event of fires or burglaries by being able to connect with an operator immediately. Not to mention, the GPS feature has saved many people's lives already.

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