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Is Ring Worth It?

Feb 11, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Ring, a DIY security camera company, is no stranger to public disapproval. In November of 2019, the seemingly lack of user data privacy caused the company to undergo investigation. Senators questioned the Amazon-owned company about employee misuse in accessing users videos. Ring sent a letter to lawmakers reassuring that any employee misconduct was handled.

The Pros

While the company has been through difficulties, it does offer an easy security camera option. It can be self-installed on your property, and with a simple mobile app download later, you have the ability to see anything going on. The Ring doorbell has built-in motion detection, so you’re alerted when someone approaches the house or is walking around your property. There’s also a two-way audio, so you can speak to guests at the door.

Ring also offers cameras with motion-triggered flood lights. This acts as an early warning sign to any would-be intruder that they could be caught on camera. “Motion-triggered lighting on the perimeter of the house in conjunction with an alarm system is a key element of home security,” said Jordan Frankel, founder of Global Security Experts.

In terms of security monitoring, there are two different options. Self-monitoring is available via a smartphone at no fee. However, if you want to have professional monitoring 24/7, as well as saved video history, that will cost $10/month.

Breaches in Ring’s Security

Many of these reasons are why Ring seemed like a good option for parents Ashley LeMay and Dylan Blakeley, who set up a camera in the bedroom shared by their three daughters to keep an eye on them. However, this backfired when a man was able to hack into the cameras and speak through the device, scaring one of the couple’s daughters. They are not the only people this situation has happened to, with several other breaches happening in the past December alone.

How Much is Ring Monthly

While both pros and cons exist with Ring, a factor that plays a part is the question, “is Ring worth it?”, is the overall price and upkeep of having a Ring camera. A Ring doorbell sells for $99.99 to $499, and Ring’s security cameras range anywhere from $59.99 to $249, depending on what kind you get. The company also offers 3, 6, and 12 month financing plans to cover the price of purchasing equipment. In terms of security monitoring, Ring costs $3/month for the Basic plan, or $10/month for the Plus plan.

Creating Your Own Security Measures

Protecting your login credentials can have a major impact on your security. Ring’s security team discovered that hackers were accessing user’s login information from third-party sites, and not that the company itself had been compromised. But as hacks kept occuring, Ring sent out an email to its users, reminding them to set up a multifactor authentication process. This establishes a second checkpoint to make sure no one can access the cameras that aren't supposed to.

With Ring in some hot water, it’s important to assess your own security measures. If you already have a DIY security system, make sure to set up two-factor authentication and not reuse old or factory passwords. Also, consider how professional monitoring can help give you more peace of mind and safety, as well as lowering the risk of an outside person accessing your data or camera network.

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