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The Additional Benefits of Fall Monitoring

Feb 13, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Fall monitoring devices are often thought of as strictly to protect senior citizens in the event of an accident or fall. But there are many more scenarios that most people don’t think of where a mPERS fall monitoring device can save someone’s life. Let’s take a look at some of the areas where a mPERS device may come in handy.

Beyond Fall Monitoring

There are often scenarios where a person has a PERS device, but might not have a fire alarm that is professionally monitored in the home, or even a functional fire alarm. In the event of a fire, and the person has their fall monitoring device around, a central monitoring station operator can connect to a person through the two-way unit and ask the customer if they need any help.

A PERS device in this situation can actually be more beneficial to emergency services dispatch because the operator can ask the customer important information that can be helpful to EMS, such as, “Where are you in the home?, “Are there any other people or pets in the house?”

A specially trained operator such as all AvantGuard operators will be able to quickly recognize the account of the event and change the action plan to respond to the user with the correct questions to ask.

Another scenario where having a fall detection device handy can be life saving is during a home invasion or burglary. Someone might have a PERS device, but their house might not be armed with a complete home security system. The fall monitoring device can serve as the bridge between the central station alarm company and the user who needs help during the event.

Even though the operator will need to quickly shift to an action plan pertaining to a break-in, the user will be able to summon, and even talk to the operator during the event. Much like the fire scenario, being able to speak directly to the user during a break-in or home invasion can be paramount in providing lots of useful information.

And let’s not forget about mPERS devices that have GPS. The GPS in these devices can help save someone in troubling situations. A user could go on a lengthy hike and realize they are completely lost. By pressing the button and allowing the GPS to send the necessary location coordinates to the central station monitoring center, the operator can give EMS the location of the user and help find them. Without this device, the user could be in real trouble.

Fall monitoring devices have other applications beyond detecting falls. It can be a life saving device in a number of situations. When you partner a PERS device with AvantGuard monitoring services, and the best central station operators in the monitoring business, you have a great team to keep you and your loved ones protected from the unexpected.

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