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Tech Saturday: Brilliant

Feb 15, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Using your smartphone or voice to control your home isn’t difficult by any means. However, some smart homeowners miss normal switches and knobs. Well, good news for you, Brilliant has a solution!

Why You Should Go Back

While your voice or smartphone can be the ultimate convenience to control your home, it is nice to have the novelty of a physical controller or switch. That is exactly what Brilliant offers.

Plus, have you ever had a guest over and asked them to turn off a light and they literally can't do it because they don't have access to your smart network? It's a real thing, and another reason why Brilliant can be useful.

At CES this year, Brilliant announced a new smart plug and switch to complement its existing touchscreen smart home controller. Offering from one switch to four, Brilliant's sleek design and customizable color will make your home look and function even better.

The Features

While it may look like a fancy smart home switch, also included is a built-in camera that can be monitored from any switch in the house or from an app on the phone. But don’t worry, there is a privacy shutter included so that you can be sure the camera isn’t watching. Hopefully this eliminates any potential outside spying

The Brilliant switch enables you to lock your doors, play music through Sonos, talk to Alexa, use an intercom system, lower the shades, and, of course, turn the lights on/off. But lets not forget about the motion sensor.

The motion sensor detects when you walk into the room, and can turn on lights and set the “scene”, which is a fully customizable grouping of temperature, lighting, music, and more.

The Downside

While there may be no more hubs, ugly wires, countertop clutter, or switching multiple apps, it costs a pretty penny. The switches come in anywhere from $300 for a 1-switch controller, to $450 for a 4-switch controller.


However, there are some great deals going on. You can preorder three dimmer switches for $63 each, or 10 dimmer switches for $60 each. And when you purchase, shipping is free.

Once again, if you are curious about more tech like this, or curious about what Avantguard can do to protect you, your family, or your business, reach out to us today!

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