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The AG Update: Ep. 41

Jan 27, 2020 12:12:17 PM

Google removes Xiaomi, FARA reducing false alarms, why your RMR isn't improving, and much more...

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  1. Google Removes Xiaomi From Nest
  2. FARA Reducing False Alarms
  3. Why Your RMR isn't Improving


Google Removes Xiaomi From Nest

In May 2019, Google and Nest unified to improve data privacy, creating the google nest hub. After someone took to online forums, a flaw was made public. A rare set of circumstances was causing some of the Xiaomi (“SHE-O-ME”) cameras to save the wrong user data to the wrong spot, allowing random people access to random footage within the database.

Actions have now been taken to correct the glitch and Xiaomi integrations with google nest hub are being re-evaluated. 

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FARA Reducing False Alarms

While false alarms are one of the largest problems facing alarms and monitoring companies, there are groups like FARA working to reduce them.

FARA is a group that diligently works in the United States and Canada to find the best practices for security monitoring companies, responding authorities and consumers.

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Why Your RMR isn't Improving

There are several reasons your RMR might not be improving. Maybe your commission structure does not match your company's RMR structure.

If possible, you might consider paying all commission up front to keep your sales team motivated. This requires management to all be on board, even when the market gets tough.

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