Resource Center Advances IoT Monitoring Technology with Water Management Device

Jan 28, 2020 8:00:00 AM

With plenty of new tech being unveiled at CES annually, this year was no different. From the Kwikset fingerprint lock to an AI drone, this year was packed with interesting innovations. One of which came from This invention, of course, is the Smart Water Valve+Meter.

What Is It?

As part of’s Water Management solutions, this sleek new device combines rugged plumbing hardware with cutting-edge technology to save you from expensive accidents by identifying water leaks and help you gauge your water usage by monitoring flow in your home or business.

According to a Parks Associates estimate, only 6% of homes have a smart leak detection system. By integrating water control data and IoT, this can have a major positive impact. This will help to eliminate trivial problems in the home or office plumbing before they become catastrophic, as well as provide valuable insight to change the industry.

How Does It Help?

The Smart Water Valve+Meter offers a variety of solutions to the common household or office problems. For example, while the owner of the property is away, this system detects leaks from burst pipes and is capable of shutting off the water at the home or office to prevent flooding. If the property owner is home, it has the ability to notify the owner of a small leak, but leave the water on to prevent an interruption in your day-to-day activities.

It has thermostat information built-in to alert the owner of a risk for frozen pipes. It detects and shuts off a leaky sink or bathroom toilet continuously running. The are many home and business scenarios where this product is useful. Another incredible feature is its ability to monitor home or office water usage, then report it to the property owner. This report will help to reduce waste and cut costs tremendously. At the very least, it can provide awareness to the user where water is going, and where costs are coming from.

Finally, this device is completely accessible through the mobile app. That is where you will be able to track data and see reports, as well as have complete control over your water. And if you own other smart devices, the app is a hub that allows you to control everything.

Thanks to innovative companies and products like this, the world is becoming a safer and better place. For a company that keeps up with technology while keeping your safety in mind, reach out to AvantGuard. See what steps we’re taking to provide a more secure world for you.

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